Saturday, May 21, 2005

MSN spaces, Yahoo Flickr and Blogger

Try this poly8081 or this poly8081 or this My Flickr

Overall I have tried all 3 these people have offered. HELLO has not been stable in uploading photos although I quite like PICASA in managing photos in my notebook. Just found out that MS also has a Photo manager within Office 2003 but that's a long way from their competitors. Looks like MS don't care about impact of photos in the new internet community. I think there must be something that everyone is rushing into blogger, photos management software etc. MS has been notorious in catching up what customer wants.

The MSN spaces is a classic example of what MS don't know the trend since Google has shaked the way people do things in the Interent. I took me far longer time in setting up my MSN spaces and far more reading of instruction to do. Later I tried Flickr which is far more easier to do. Because of the HELLO server not working Flickr's desktop uploading tool did a very good job. The whole thing was done in less than 15 minutes. I think I'll delete the MSN spaces very soon.

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