Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Blogger is talking

Today I was flattered to have received an email from Blogger.com who was responding to my complaint about Blogger's problem. This is what I have said in my reply.

Dear Sxxxxxxe,

It's so warm that I get reply from a human.

I use firefox and my blog is one of the home pages that I would open. Every morning I start firefox at round 9:30am Hong Kong time. During the last 2 weeks perhaps I have only 1 day with my blog successfully opened.

Almost everytime I tried status.blogger.com but it disappointedly failed. At the time of this writing both my blog and your status page can't be read.

Interestingly in the last few days I have asked my sister in Malaysia to view my blog, it was OK in most days.

I think you may have a technical problem somewhere that your internet load balancing has put Hong Kong in low priority during your US night time. It's understandable that Blogger has scheduled shutdown and maintenance during those hours.

I have read newsgroups and others and found that I'm not the only one feeling this frustration. Blogger must put this right quick.

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