Monday, June 13, 2005


The rareness of a Level 5 Leadership is well understood. Finding someone who has the personality trait like a stoic and with paradoxical mix of personal humility and professional will is like finding a Saint in 21st century. Canonization while someone is alive is indeed rare in modern history. What are we after in fact? Are we saying if a CEO is not similis to one of those 11 Level 5 Leaders that company is not going to take off to greatness? Are we saying if a big corporation is led by one of those Level 5 Leaders will surely take off with better than average performance for 15 years? What circumstance will enable a Level 5 Leader to perform? What company's bad practices and organizational structure will hold back Level 5 Leaders? I think there are yet a series of related questions remained unanswered which Collins has not yet investigated into. Finding a gem does not mean you could make it shine. This is true especially for big corporation where making changes, shaping culture are not easy tasks for a willing individual but for a core team of near Level 5 executives.

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