Saturday, June 4, 2005

Hitting the walls

Collins used the story of Nick Sagar to demonstrate the attitude of "never give up". Climbing (the kind of sport or endeavor is not relevant) is not really about climbing but a metaphor for life. Reaching the top/goal or not did not matter but the lesson learnt in the process is far more important for life long learning. The Sagar's goal to conquer "The Crew" has also another meaning which is that once you set your target there are necessary sacrifices, i.e. in the case of Sagar, he lived on small sponsorship and had to give up his quest when the money failed to come through.

Collins is an avid climber himself. He used his lessons learnt in climbing to map into other aspects of life, e.g. business, management, leadership etc. He summarized what he learnt into these 5 key lessons in life.

  1. Climb to fallure, not failure: Succeed without reaching the top

  2. Climb in the future: Frame your mind

  3. Separate probability from consequence: Know the true risks

  4. Form the Partner's Pact: First Who, Then What

  5. Don't confuse luck and competence: How to not let success kill you

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