Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pagination chop

Pagination chop
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We have 2,411 files (3 inch binder), 265 A3 size binders that all have to be paginated. This does not include other files in other parts of the company related to the job.

Keep chopping...and chopping!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


This is taken on site today, about 8 inches toe to toe.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Everybody likes dinosaur

Everybody likes dinosaur especially the kids. It is an extremely successful marketing event for the shopping mall.

It was very hot

You can tell it was extremely hot on the roof parking.

Letter Head

letter head
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This is the letter head for Dad's and also our grandfather's factory. Our dad likes to keep old things and last Saturday he gave this to his grand children as drawing sheets.

Friday, July 15, 2005

My cup at work

I was testing my retired C-40Zoom in the office and took this photo. 3.5 years ago I brought this OLYMPUS C-40Zoom because the use of rechargable AA size battery is good. Technology has now proved that custom rechargable battery is better. You can easily shot upto 300 photos (new one of course) now.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Generalization of the thinking process

At the end after Rogo got his promotion to the division the author
tried to generalize the 5 steps process in identifying core problem in every situation. Now Rogo is not facing constraints (machine centers) at his plant but a much more complicated situation involving people, policies, procedures, old rules and politics. There is a culture that he has to change.

Again the author uses first principle to end the story, i.e.


Like Jonah the author didn't give answers instead providing leads for reader to use the thinking process to solve the problem. The author tried to make this approach universal.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Light bulb idea

The book promotes breakthrough in the thinking process, hence the character of a physics teacher Jonah. Jonah's approach is always fundamental and from first principle and the author is promoting the universal applicability of his theory through this person. This intention is further proved by a side topic using Russian chemist called Mendeleev and Rogo's wife Julie reading Greek Philosopher Socrates' dialogues. This is indeed true as today we always say we should think "out of the box" and innovative thinking in problem solving.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Common beliefs

There are many common beliefs in a traditional organization, like
Rogo's. One of them is to drive efficiency up, reduce costs and operating expense. What has turned out is that all the key measurements mentioned above must be looked at the same time. The absolute bottom on inventory and operating expense is zero while throughput can have no limits. Rogo demonstrated that traditional way of cost accounting for costs and inventory was wrong which has also stopped marketing people from getting more business.

Monday, July 11, 2005

From dinning room

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This is also set at ISO 400, 10/13 seconds exposure, from dinning room. Looks a bit brigher with slightly longer exposure.

Experimenting the FX-8

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This is done by manual setting, 0.25 seconds exposure, ISO set to max at 400. Bank of China can be sharply seen on the right. This is taken from Douglas' room, best view of the place.

The thinking process

Instead of giving Rogo straight answers every time Jonah prompted him
with questions that would trigger his mind to ask the right questions. Once the right question is asked then Rogo every time could find the answers. To start with simple question like "what is the goal of the company" was asked. With a few wrong turns they even found the 3 most critical measurements in the plant they need to focus on, they are THROUGHPUT, INVENTORY and OPERATING EXPENSE.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

New buttons under LINKS sidebar

Noticed the FF and NS8 buttons under sidebar? I have tried NS8
recently but moved back to FF because I think FF deserves to be kept. NS8 is a nice attempt by AOL but it needs slimming. During a week or so of testing it crashed few times, it's a bit heavy weight comparing to FF and it's not that stable. I think after all AOL has other intentions for NS8 other than just providing an alternative browser.

Mango ice cream

Mango ice cream
Mango ice cream
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We got there at last. Mango is one of Douglas' favourate favor.

Sleeping on the way to McDonald

Sleeping on the way to McDonald
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After many months of medicine (affecting everyone in turn) we were on our way to McDonald. As usual Douglas fell asleep. Stanley was packed then we drove all the way to Hang Fa Chuen....there got to be one somewhere.

Saturday, July 9, 2005

Blogging, Adsense...etc

Classmate of mine asked about these things in the title, might as well share them here.

Want to know more about Adsense? see this adsense This is how Google earns a living, i.e. advertising in www and everything they do is about advertising or else no free services (no free lunch). Google uses their search technology to enable relevant
text ads (what you see in your gmail and many if not all websites) and that revenue from advertisers supports the service their offer to customers.

Blog is short for weblog, see origin of weblog here Jorn_Barger Blogger is one of the early company who offered blogging service, see their history blogger Someone said they were the first (earlier than what wikipedia said) see history Of Weblogs If you see my family blog at sfong15 you'll see "google search bar" and "adsense" ads are on the left hand side-bar. The ads are supposed to be relevant to what I have posted such that visitors who may be interested in what I have written (by search normally or subscribed my feeds by RSS) may click on those ads. The higher CTR I have the more I earn. That's called CTR or Click Through Rate. There is a market in itself for earning money from higher CTR and bloggers are paying to learn from these such as: what is adsense adsense-secrets adsensegold

PS: in doing this I have already clicked a few times enabling some bloggers to earn from Google.
PSS: RSS = Really Simple Syndication, a feed technology instead of traditional pull when you browse a website. When you subscribe to a feed the website will feed information (text based xml) to yourbrowser whenever you are online.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Tweaked a bit more (blogspot)

Now comments are shown by default, with smaller font than the post itself. Links are available to post comments by anyone and to go back home. The Google search box has a matching color now with the background, how nice. My HTML skill is fading quickly but I have sense of achievement doing this very amateur tweaking of the codes.

New Look (blogspot)

Picked a new look for this blog. I just like the large font, tidiness and simplicity. The background color of the Google search box is a flaw that I'll have to fix.

The turnaround

Alex got an engineering degree, an MBA but he apparently wasn't taught (as the story told) how to solve problems. The thinking process required to solve all his problems came all in a sudden when he met his college physics teacher Jonah. What Jonah did wasn't bringing him answers to his direct questions. In fact Rogo didn't know that he had problems due to traditional wisdoms of cost accounting and policies and procedures imposed on him by the HQ.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

"The Goal" - the book

This is an easy reading novel which is good for students, plant manager, engineers, manager or even scientist. It's so written that you will be drawn into the life of Alex Rogo who was trying to turn the plant around in 3 months. The story is about a manufacturing plant, a married couple with 2 kids, a facility with few hundred people that must be turned around in 3 months, a small town where Alex Rogo was brought up and made nearly a celebrity being the plant manager there. Alex was dumped the situation being there at the plant for only 3 months. His boss Bill Peach told him that things are going downhill for the division and if he couldn't turn it round in 3 months the division could be up for sale. Things described in the story are very close to real life, i.e. customer chasing for late orders, pressure from the boss, local problems etc. Nobody dares to think of changing this until one day someone said the days are numbered.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

New Toy

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This is a 60G iPod Photo. Once music is turned digital you could enjoy almost endless music you like shuffled randomly without the trouble of changing CD or whatever media. Have not regretted at last I have chosen iPod instead of other MP3 players. I still remember the SONY walkman some 25 years ago, it was about 6 times the physical size and you have to carry tapes around.

The Goal

The upcoming series is a Book Reading Report on "The Goal" by Eliyahu
M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox. The said to be "must read" book for
MBA's and EMBA's for Operations Management.

Monday, July 4, 2005

New & Old camera

New & Old
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What technology has done to me in 3.5 years!

Financial Scandals

Nick Leeson and Barings Bank – a case for a multinational financial corporation lost control of a dealer in Singapore.

Internet bubble – this was started in the US, then heavily promoted by analysts, mostly with conflict of interest, of large multinational financial corporations who fabricated a dream called “new economy”. When the world has followed and millions of investors poured in their savings into the stock markets, it exploded.

Corruption, money laundry in general – globalization of the financial system has made things a lot easier than before. In 1998, the IMF lent Russia 8 billion dollars to stave off the collapse of the Ruble. Later that year several billion dollars disappeared from the Russia government account. In 1999, the Bank of New York helped the Russian mafia to funnel $10 billion back into the Russian economy via its Pacific Island State of Nauru, an offshore branch that never asks questions of their customers.

The collapse of Peregrine, a Hong Kong investment bank – a mixture of corruption, globalization of financial markets, expropriation by corporate pyramid etc. The trouble began when an Indonesian taxi company, named inappropriately “Steady Safe” with links to the daughter of then President Suharto defaulted a $265 million (about ¼ of Peregrine’s capital) loan in late 1997.