Saturday, July 9, 2005

Blogging, Adsense...etc

Classmate of mine asked about these things in the title, might as well share them here.

Want to know more about Adsense? see this adsense This is how Google earns a living, i.e. advertising in www and everything they do is about advertising or else no free services (no free lunch). Google uses their search technology to enable relevant
text ads (what you see in your gmail and many if not all websites) and that revenue from advertisers supports the service their offer to customers.

Blog is short for weblog, see origin of weblog here Jorn_Barger Blogger is one of the early company who offered blogging service, see their history blogger Someone said they were the first (earlier than what wikipedia said) see history Of Weblogs If you see my family blog at sfong15 you'll see "google search bar" and "adsense" ads are on the left hand side-bar. The ads are supposed to be relevant to what I have posted such that visitors who may be interested in what I have written (by search normally or subscribed my feeds by RSS) may click on those ads. The higher CTR I have the more I earn. That's called CTR or Click Through Rate. There is a market in itself for earning money from higher CTR and bloggers are paying to learn from these such as: what is adsense adsense-secrets adsensegold

PS: in doing this I have already clicked a few times enabling some bloggers to earn from Google.
PSS: RSS = Really Simple Syndication, a feed technology instead of traditional pull when you browse a website. When you subscribe to a feed the website will feed information (text based xml) to yourbrowser whenever you are online.

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