Wednesday, July 6, 2005

"The Goal" - the book

This is an easy reading novel which is good for students, plant manager, engineers, manager or even scientist. It's so written that you will be drawn into the life of Alex Rogo who was trying to turn the plant around in 3 months. The story is about a manufacturing plant, a married couple with 2 kids, a facility with few hundred people that must be turned around in 3 months, a small town where Alex Rogo was brought up and made nearly a celebrity being the plant manager there. Alex was dumped the situation being there at the plant for only 3 months. His boss Bill Peach told him that things are going downhill for the division and if he couldn't turn it round in 3 months the division could be up for sale. Things described in the story are very close to real life, i.e. customer chasing for late orders, pressure from the boss, local problems etc. Nobody dares to think of changing this until one day someone said the days are numbered.

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