Monday, August 8, 2005

Do you hate your boss?

A lot of Manager may not use the word "hate" to describe their feeling on their Boss. In fact some may actually hate their Boss and explain this feeling as personality clashes or "people chemistry". In this case this type of Manager will see their Boss as institutional enemy and will fight the Boss for the sake of fighting. This could be disastrous for one's career. Psychologists call this pattern of reactions counterdependent behaviour. Due to the subordinate's hostility the Boss will lose trust, a fundamental element of a healthy Boss-Manager relationship.

At the other extreme are Managers who suppress their anger and behave in a compliant fashion (similar to parent-child relationship) although they know bad decisions are being made by their Boss. These are "Yes" men/women in an organization. Both counterdependent and overdependent are extremes that should be aware of and avoided.

Work Style and Expectations
Daily encounters generate conflicts and sometime hostility if partners are working under pressure and their work styles are not compatible. After knowing your Boss the participants, normally it is you the subordinate, has to make adjustment to your work style to suit.

The subordinate has to manage expectations of his Boss as well. It is very wrong to passively assume that you can read your Boss's mind as to his expectation of you. Some Bosses may like to spell out explicitly of what they want but some don't and leave you guessing. The possible misunderstanding of expectation may cause great problems to the individual involved or affect bottom line. After all the burden falls on the Manager due the hierarchical advantage of the Boss. It is also wrong to rely too much on management systems such as planning report, appraisal, memo and communication tools unless you are sure your Boss is a good reader and these systems have worked perfectly in the past.

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