Saturday, August 6, 2005

Understand your boss

Understand Your Boss
Practically to understand your Boss, you could ask yourself below questions

  • Do you know that your Boss is dependent upon you?

  • Do you know what objectives/goals your Boss is trying to accomplish?

  • Do you need help from your Boss to do your job well?

  • Do you know what your Boss is good at and what are his weaknesses?

  • Do you know how your Boss manages his Boss?

  • Do you know if your Boss's Boss is a difficult Boss?

  • Do you know the work style of your Boss, e.g. is he/she a listener or a reader?

  • Do you aware of things you do that upset our Boss?

  • Is he/she a good-news only Boss?

  • Does your Boss know your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Does he/she know that a healthy Boss-Manager is important to the company?

  • Can you tell the mood of your Boss from his/her face, tone or gesture?

Know Yourself Well
It is very unlikely that you can change the personality of your Boss but if you know your own strengths weaknesses and personal style you will have better control on your part. It is true that although the Boss-Manager relationship is of mutual dependence it is also one in which the subordinate, in this case the Manager, is typically more dependent on the Boss due to his hierarchical disadvantage.

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