Friday, September 30, 2005


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Connections reloaded

This looks very attractive, now considering to switch over. I used "connections" at my other blog but I really like more to go in it therefore I might try this "connections reloaded" here.

The current "thirteen" theme is very nice but the original author doesn't provide much teaching/support.


By the way I emailed this local hosting Advanhost in mid September enquiring a few things. So far I have heard nothing from them! How could a company in business by not responding to sales enquiry? Why don't they simply remove email contact details from their website if they don't have anyone responsible for responding to enquiry emails?

Anyway that might have been good for me as I don't think they are as capable as hosting companies in the US.

Plugin for Registered User Only

Have tried last night at home to use this plugin available from Carthik Sharma, no luck. I tried at the DreamHost blog just fearing that I may crash this stable one at Site5.

May be I have to resort to using .htaccess to restrict users but that's a dumb method as far as I'm concerned because I'll have to enter 50 names and passwords etc.... That's a lot to do in further maintenance of the blog. There must be some open-sourced scripts out therefore to do this smartly.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

DreamHost Database problems

They have now figured out why. They said "It looks like all of your databases are on the same mysql instance, with the exception of sfb2. So if we fix the permissions on one database then that will change the password and the next db will not work. Set up different usernames for each database. This will allow this to not happen again. So for the current db that is not working, add a new user and delete the current user, then update the wp-config.php file to have the new username and password you created.

Well why didn't they alert users during installation? Whereas in Site5 I wasn't given a choice on username and database names, that was actually good in hindsight, for people like me.

I guess I may have to give up on DreamHost.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Database error at DreamHost

Wrote to DreamHost again last night. I said this database problem keeps coming back. Last time you fixed /poly8081 then /emba failed. You then fixed /emba but now poly8081 has failed for the same reason before your fixing?

I can't go on like this having same failure? Do you have permanent fix or did you find out why it happened?


This counter I put in last night looks really ugly therefore it's gone. Perhaps I don't need one here.

File Download

I'm still on this topic. Last night at home, after getting Site5's email saying that they can't replicate the problem but have done some modifications at the back end, it was ALL OK downloading file using ftp:// from this post and http:// at this post.

I was not over excited and waited until this morning to try this again at the office. Using http:// was OK but I still got error "the document contains no data" using ftp://. I have tried also clearing cache in Firefox, reboot the notebook....nothing more I can do really.

It would be interesting as my learning as to what has been done at the backend. I believe using http:// as download link is proper.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Monday, September 26, 2005

DreamHost Counter

dreamhost counter

This one from DreamHost is much better in outlook and it goes up one count for every visit per day per visitor.

Site5 counter

I have to say 99% of the stuff with Site5 is great and easy to use except their hit counter. You are given a choice of different types but you have to go back and forth to view the look of it, remember if you can what you have selected, look again and come back. Worse of all I think is that the counter increases a count every time the page is refreshed whereas normally counter should only register 1 hit per visitor per day, I think

File Download

Thanks again to the great support offered by Site5, they said they have done few modifications and file downloading is now OK from my home notebook. Here is another test using http protocol from a directory under WP.

Leave Application Form Download

This works OK.

File Download

For some very strange reasons, the downloading tests at this post download test which was tested OK last Saturday suddenly became a problem. Didn't think it has anything to do with Firefox but just in case I also tried using IE6 which has also failed.

Well nothing else I could do apart from waiting to expert help from tech support who said they have no problem downloading?

The new domain is working

The new domain name is now pointing to a subdirectory here /emba. It wasn't working immediately I did the pointing at NetAdmin may be I was impatient.

Looks like class consent is required such that the new .hk domain name which resembles a class identify can be used. Agreement is also required as to what format and platform should be adopted should a website is hosted for the class.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Domain is ready

Got message from hkdnr saying that domain registration is done and ready. I therefore went to NetAdmin of Site5 to have it pointed to the subdirectory /emba. That pointing wasn't successful earlier today as it wasn't ready obviously. Anxiously tried that afterwards, too bad wasn't OK. Well another question for tech support.

The WP installation was re-done at a subdirectory. I said to engineering that it doesn't worth the hassle to find out why Fantastico was so mean about subdomain or subdirectory.

Upgrade to WP 1.5.2

Found a note in Fantastico that upgrading to 1.5.2 is available. Just have done that for this blog, checked the site, everything looks OK.

As engineering said issue with Fantastico was resolved therefore I have deleted the installation at /emba within Fantastico and installed again at subdomain

My God, I have error message and got 404 error when followed the link to the site?

New WP installation

Got up early this morning, again because the boy was on my bed.

Registered a domain name EMBA2006CU.HK with Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company for HK$250/year which I consider expansive comparing which I used for this domain for US$18.40 for 2 years.

Attemtped to install WP at a subdomain but failed because Fantastico said it couldn't do it under that subdomain for some reasons. Later I had no choice but to install under a subdirectory Quickly I also uploaded the theme "connections" and advised Vincent the url of that site.

Naturally I emailed Site5 engineering to advise the problem with Fantastico, later they emailed back saying it was resolved.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sticky Image Plugin

Test of Image Browser 0.4.5


Testing of image upload via WP

1st attempt the size was too large
"img src='/wp-content/downloadable/boy1.jpg' alt='boy1' /"

2nd attempt, used custom size of 200 pixals (largest size), no change in effect, why?
"img src='/wp-content/downloadable/boy1_01.jpg' alt='boy1' /"

File download

I have done a few tests, two approaches I have used as below

(1) Download this zipped file
(2) Download this photo
(3) Download this photo

Click (1) above the browser will ask me to download file. For (2) the image file will be opened by the browser without me being asked to save or open the file by application. I have repeated this test using a pdf file, again I couldn't stop the broswer from opening it even if I have renamed the file with a funny extension other than "pdf". I guess I have to look up a HTML book to find out why.

File Manager and download

The File Manager feature is a very handy design at Site5. I used that to create new folder, nevigate and even move files around. That could almost replace your ftp client except for file uploading. The only downside would be the response could be sluggish and you may only see a portion of the file path display on the right hand pane if you go really deep into your directories.

The file uploading doesn't appear to work. I saw no error message but after refreshing I still don't see the file uploaded.

For testing of file download I have created a directory "\downloadable" under \public_ftp. That could be accessed via


I now know what Permalinks are like. I was confused by the Permalinks "link" at Y!-360 which is normally right next to the comment link at the bottom of each post. If you click the permalink there you'll be directed to that post with a permalink available at the browser url entry area.

In WP you get permalink, the url you want, after you click the title of the post. You'll also see that post on one page with comments at the bottom, if any.

My apology to tech support at DreamHost and Site5, it's working now, it's the dummy like me that caused the problem not WP or your servers.

The EMBA blog at DreamHost

It's back, tech support there said "it seems that your database user for emba had been removed. I'm not sure how that happened, but I re-added that for you". Anyway this one EMBA at DreamHost is now back on.

I plan to have another WP installation at Site5 for EMBA just in case.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Blog posts moved over

I have moved all posts concerning my learning of hosting from My blog at DreamHost to here. I hope I will not regret my second choice and so far Site5 is far more reliable.


Got a message from tech support of DreamHost about broken links within my blog. They said "because I set up permalinks, which writes a .htaccess file to my home directory. I also setup linking protection, which overwrote that. There's no way to have BOTH of those set up, unfortunately...."

I am confused. Linking protection is to stop sites outside to link images or large size content in my site to save bandwidth. But my internal links are all broken which must be something to do with databases!

They said they have fixed it for me which I can't see at the moment. It's either the instruction of WP is wrong or they are wrong.

.htaccess Editor

Yesterday I tried the .htaccess editor it was a great design. I simply uploaded a index.html file there then redirect visit from the root to this blog.

Under Web Site Tool there is also a Index Manager which is very handy, just by clicking I turned off indexing of a directory such that people can't hack into the directory structure of my domains.

There are also some very useful things there such as File Manager (not much explanation there as to what I can do or shouldn't do?) and Custom Error Page which I will surely try out later one.

DreamHost? They have nothing like that and if you mess around you'll crash your sites unless you are as good as their tech support.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gmail bug

According to tech support of Site5, it's a gmail bug that you can't send email within it to yourself, i.e. if you have setup forwarding that will enroute back to you and the sender than gmail won't deliver it for you. Therefore if you want to test out forwarding try it from somewhere else.

Username(s) and Password(s)

Tried FTP it was OK on second attempt. Again it's an issue of which username to use and which corresponding password. It's so confusing that there is a account username and a login username which is changeable. Once you are in My.Site5 using the username you choose then you need a stored password to get to next level, i.e. NetAdmin to do useful things about your domain.

Once you signed up you'll get 2 separate welcoming emails plus the one directly from the CEO. Just don't be scared by 2 completely different sets of usernames and passwords, they are both yours and very important. The set from engineering will enable you to get into My.Site5 then use the set from billing to get into NetAdmin. Once you are in NetAdmin you could change the "stored password" to something that you could remember (or something that you'll never remember, then ask tech support to reset them and start over again).

Next thing to watch is your email account setup. I setup a default email account typically as then forwarded it to my naturally. During WordPress installation you'll be asked to do E-mail account configuration, don't forget to write down everything you entered. If you go to NetAdmin>My Email Center>Manage Email Accounts then click the first icon (can I have tooltips for those icons please) after the email address you just setup, you will be prompted to enter password. Don't enter anything because that's the login for the Webmail which isn't working yet. If you did like me you'll be directed to an error page saying that your stored password is wrong ...etc or something like that.

Access to your webmail should be via browser at (don't forget the slash at the back). It wasn't working for me in the first 10 hours or so therefore keep trying. I don't think you like using webmail but trying out all features you paid for isn't a bad idea.


This is still in trouble as I can't set it to work no matter what I do, I guess I have to ask tech support again.

Login Site5

Something not very logical to me when attempted to log into NetAdmin for the first time. I was told a username by billing and a different username by engineering. I used the one by engineering for the 1st login. But dashboard said automatic login to NetAdmin was failed then I tried updating/change my "stored pwd", it didn't work. I then reckon that it could be the other username and pwd given by billing. At last of course I got through but still couldn't figure out when such design is required. I don't see the need for 2 "gates" while after proper setup I'm not asked again for pwd of the 2nd gate so what is the point having it? Also anyone who got through the first gate can change/edit the stored pwd then one could then get through the 2nd gate, isn't it?

Anway I have a ticket with engineering and I'll see what they'll say.


Wow....this is exciting. This experience is a lot better, may be this is the 2nd time. The WP installation was smooth, well designed interface of Fantastico. One thing strange is that in other WP installation I wasn't allowed to change the login name but this installation allowed me to use something unique to me.

The best among all is that the installation robot can email key information of setup to you, that saved me writing down all important information about the setup.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Got a message from DreamHost tech support that my recent request has been moved up to level 2, i.e. a bit more difficult. The database of this blog is all messed up behind as all links within here are broken, even the very basic one such as "previous entries".

Also received a message from DreamHost billing department saying that I owe them $142.30 because they refund my first payment but didn't charge again. Well they didn't tell me and activated my account so I guess they should have charged again to the same card. Although I'm a bit disappointed at the performance so far I think it's ethically wrong not to pay and pull out now. I may want to test 2 hosting companies in parallel, a so called "side-by-side" testing for a while to find the real winner.

By the way level 2 tech support means that there will be no promise to fix a problem or response within 24 hours.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Site5 Hosting

By the way last night, due to the frustration, I was looking at other hosting companies. One of them being Site5 and GoDaddy to register a domain name.

Even though this one is back but the Permalink feature is still not working.

I'm Back

This blog is back, at last. Disappointed naturally that this took more than 24 hours! The other blog for emba is still down. I have written to tech support which they said it should be a quick easy fix, obviously they are either very busy fixing things or this wasn't easy at all.

By the way Blogger is sluggish today so I can't do moving of posts from there.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Achievement last night

I was sleepy but I clearly remember that I have both subfolders setup for emba and poly8081. This morning when I tried /poly8081 it gave me a "database connection error" from WordPress.

How could this be? I even have the theme changed to "connections" last night? Again I have written to tech support of DreamHost.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Deleting Gallery 2 stuck installation

Last night used FilZilla to remove folders, a bit better than CuteFTP as I can see what is going on at the "message log" windows. It took a long time to have folders removed as they are very deep even though very few files are there.

Tried also simultanously setting up new subdirectory under root domain such as emba or poly8081 or emba2006. Only WP installation at /emba was successful but further installaton wasn't done because WP said I must clear tables of the old database used. I have yet to learn how to do that. There was also outage message and DreamHost was not responsive hence I stopped at 1:30am, very sleepy.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

FTP, Telnet and SSH

Yesterday I placed a new theme folder "connections" in the wrong place, didn't know that I could use the ftp client to delete. Now just did it. Use a new theme called "thirteen", I like the green color.

I still want to remove the WP installation at "/blog" and do a clean install again into a subdomain such as I still think that is a proper way.

Have written this morning to DreamHost tech support again about how to delete Gallery installation which is stuck now in the root directory

Friday, September 16, 2005

Gallery 2 Installation

In the installer step 2.0 the directory listed there "/home/.lassie/username/", a folder at which I have to place the "login.txt" file, misled me. When I am connected to your domain by ftp client, according to the email notification I'll be at a default folder "home/usename/". At last after searching hard I guess I have tried the directory "/" and put the login.txt file there. There should also be the place for your main.php

A Post moved from behind

How can I not write something after all these trouble of signing up a hosting service. It was nearly 48 hours ago when I paid using credit card over internet. After anxiously waiting for 36 hours or so my account was still not activated. Then I wrote to their technical support and I got almost instant email reply, great. Who wants to write to tech support if everything was fine and working beautifully.

My account eventually is working, now you are reading this, isn't it great! There are still couple of things to be sorted out, e.g. they said my payment was a suspected fraud case, hence suspension, refund ('ed?) then charged again. Also I paid for 2 years but acknowlegement email said I'm on 1 year.

There are other technical issues which I also want to record it here, before my old mind forgets them. I added a subdomain as but this WP installation is actually on I don't have a choice of pop-up at that one-click installation page, why? Also I got error report saying that one of my folder isn't empty. This couldn't be possible as I still couldn't connect via ftp client to my folder?

Deleting The Blog

Now next move is to delete what I have built already (never mind only a few) at I hope there is a easier way then removing files at the server....? I have yet to find out how to get access and use shell commands.

I have also change admin name to dad but it appears that it doesn't use that as username for login.

WP Installaton Moved

At last have set this up at the place I want, i.e. a subdomain instead of a subfolder. I guess I have to start over again, i.e. upload the theme I want and start hacking inside.

Couple of questions I asked the tech support are answered now. The reason that I didn't see this subdomain appear in the combo selection when I used "1-click installation" was that I have this subdomain "parked" when I first set it up. When it's parked it has at least a page in that folder therefore installation robot didn't consider it an empty domain for installation.

FTP access is now no problem elsewhere except in the office, possibly because of firewall. I'll have to find a workaround.

There is a method in the email from DreamHost about moving from Blogger, I guess I should try that but it doesn't look simple.