Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Got a message from DreamHost tech support that my recent request has been moved up to level 2, i.e. a bit more difficult. The database of this blog is all messed up behind as all links within here are broken, even the very basic one such as "previous entries".

Also received a message from DreamHost billing department saying that I owe them $142.30 because they refund my first payment but didn't charge again. Well they didn't tell me and activated my account so I guess they should have charged again to the same card. Although I'm a bit disappointed at the performance so far I think it's ethically wrong not to pay and pull out now. I may want to test 2 hosting companies in parallel, a so called "side-by-side" testing for a while to find the real winner.

By the way level 2 tech support means that there will be no promise to fix a problem or response within 24 hours.

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