Friday, September 16, 2005

A Post moved from behind

How can I not write something after all these trouble of signing up a hosting service. It was nearly 48 hours ago when I paid using credit card over internet. After anxiously waiting for 36 hours or so my account was still not activated. Then I wrote to their technical support and I got almost instant email reply, great. Who wants to write to tech support if everything was fine and working beautifully.

My account eventually is working, now you are reading this, isn't it great! There are still couple of things to be sorted out, e.g. they said my payment was a suspected fraud case, hence suspension, refund ('ed?) then charged again. Also I paid for 2 years but acknowlegement email said I'm on 1 year.

There are other technical issues which I also want to record it here, before my old mind forgets them. I added a subdomain as but this WP installation is actually on I don't have a choice of pop-up at that one-click installation page, why? Also I got error report saying that one of my folder isn't empty. This couldn't be possible as I still couldn't connect via ftp client to my folder?

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