Saturday, October 29, 2005

List of all browsers

You wouldn't believe there are (perhaps were) so many browsers around.     Whether it's for hobby or real biz it's not easy to climb to the top of the ladder.    Check out the list at Browser Archive

Friday, October 28, 2005

Opera vs Flock

Opera 8.5 is quite easy to use but it doesn't support Netvibes yet which is a pity. I also have problem setting the font I like in Opera. It has selection for author and user mode, tried both, set everything to Tahoma but fonts in gmail still showed up differently.

Flock on the other hand seems a bit more responsive than Opera especially at startup although the setting of favourites is still a problem.

I think I need a good one with everything in it which is Firefox and Flock can be a supplementary one whenever I want to open 2 browsers to view 2 gmail accounts simultaneously. This is a logical arrangement as Flock can be used to blog instantly. I have great hope for Flock although there is a long way for them to go.

Opera 8.5

I actually have tried this when it was at version 8, wasn't impressive enough I have to say. The fatal part was that it doesn't show gmail and some banking sites correctly hence I dropped the idea of further testing it.

This version at 8.5 is a lot better especially the free version doesn't have ads, that's a big plus. Have just tested out the "lightweightness" of it. It requires from 31 - 38Mb (5 tabs) while Flock is marginally less at 24-35Mb (5 tabs). Firefox is heavier at 47-55Mb (5 tabs).

I think Opera is better than the AOL explorer or the latest Netscape based on my 1 day long trial.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This is a plugin worth investigating by skippy dot net

Monday, October 24, 2005

Links Categories

In arranging links you could add links categories but it appears that you couldn't get them arranged hierarchically like categories, more from HERE

Friday, October 21, 2005

Douglas' artwork

cut and paste of codes from flickr into flock's blogging tool doesn't work


This is sent from within Flock, the new browser

this is brand new and looks very promising.

Forced login

The trick or wordaround in earlier posts didn't work, just tested. I have tried putting DirectoryIndex index.html in .htaccess but it simply formed an infinite loop. After login the WP site behaved in a funny way. I think this is caused by blog('url') in WP codes where the blog url is not a specific file but just the directory of the WP installation therefore everytime that url is called index.html is loaded instead of index.php

First file to load

Have used the workaround method in previous post, which is working fine but half baked. Now if users enter url of the then they will be redirected, without choice, to .../emba/wp-login.php page. They'll be forced to login. However if someone is smart enough to use .../emba/ at that directory default page isn't the index.html I put in, hence loading of index.php.

The answer is here at Javascriptkit.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Restricted Site

The experimental scheme I used successful at .../fun is to use a html redirection file index.html

In there a redirection script like this is required

meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5; url=http://.../fun/index.php"

normally you also add below for the user to click if immediate redirection is desired

[FORM METHOD="LINK" ACTION="http://.../fun/index.php"]
[INPUT TYPE="image" SRC=".....jpg" "WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="332" ALT="a photo"]

In this case I have provided a image for user to click, if he/she can't wait

By having this file in the same folder as your index.php, the index.html takes over. You could then use .htaccess file to demand username and password login before the WordPress index.php is run.

The .htaccess file will look something like this

AuthName "Restricted Area"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile ".htpasswd file absolute folder path"
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
[files index.php]
require valid-user

Why do I need this workaround? It's because .htaccess doesn't get your username and password if index.php is your default file under that folder /fun, i.e. when users just typed in http://.../fun as url. By using index.html to redirect index.php gets executed and .htaccess takes over asking you to enter username and pwd. You can't expect visitors to type in http://.../fun/index.php do you?


Hosting technical support has confirmed that folder location that I put the robots.txt file is correct. The text within it is simple

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

That's to say, all crawlers, everything is disallowed.

Category Level Plugin

The plugin from David Coppit is running here with category "faces" viewable by level 1 user only. My site here has one other user who is sisK and I have been moving her up and down the ladder to test things out.

This plugin is very easy to set, no problem so far, but one little flaw is that if user is allowed to write at level 1, he/she may be carelessly uncheck the category which is used to hide the post then it could be a problem. On the safe side user's draft should be approved by the admin first before publishing.


Two plugins worth looking at and get tested for my .../emba site which are by Blogwaffe. They are Just One Category and Draft Notifier.

Stopping Search Engines

A good story about robots.txt is here at this Green-Beast I still think there must be something out there using the login scheme of WordPress which could blog the entire site until users are login.

Final goodbye

The wife (Datin Seri Paduka Endon Mahmood) of Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's has passed away this morning after fighting with breast cancer for 4 years. She was 64 years old. Her elder twin sister, Noraini also passed away with the same disease in January 2004.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Search Engines

Working out a way to stop crawler to fetch information from one of my sites, it's HERE for Google.

Placed the code META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOARCHIVE, NOFOLLOW" between head tags in the class domain name, so that it won't be indexed.

I have also placed a robots.txt file on the root of my server to stop all crawlers. tells you how to do that.

PS: Google offers the service of immediately remove your pages from their index HERE but this link isn't working for some reasons. Yahoo doesn't do this.


First of all Categories should be sorted if you have a lot of them. This requires manual setting in the code for the sidebar. Full details are in the Codex here.

Too bad this theme doesn't support hierarchical display of categories and I'm now getting quite a lot.....! If hierarchical is set it's important that a dummy post is there at the parent category otherwise all children categories will not be shown.

For this site I have now "turn-off" the display for hidden posts so you don't even know hidden posts for certain level of users exist, this is a great design.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Users and Authors

Have experimented recently about user/author admin. I forgot to set email address for myself as admin in .../emba therefore when new users registered I didn't get notified by email which is pretty dangerous as I didn't know who has got in.

I'm also trying to locate where could I set the default level of newly registered users, isn't it that default level should be 0?

Found it, the answer is HERE

Friday, October 14, 2005


I am posting a test to this new category Bro added for me in his blog.

Harlo Hong Kong

Glad to be upgraded to be a level 2 user of this blog. This will give me an opportunity to explore more about wordpress.

Redirection of site

Redirection was a problem because once you arrived in the WP site all links will be duplicated like this etc.

The workaround is to point the domain to the root of my site, place a simple index.html file there and few lines of redirection code there. It's a meta script to refresh and apply a new url for redirection.

This is posted the second time as putting those meta codes in the post between were dangerous.

Now click EMBA you'll be taken to the WP playground experimental site.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

FAlbum and .htaccess

Last night I was frustrated. The .htaccess file has been working and restricting entry to my experimental playground at …/fun. I wanted to try something deeper, i.e. move the .htaccess file to the FAlbum plugin subdirectory and protect just the file falbum-wp.php which is used to render the page displaying the photos. I kept on getting 500 internal server error until 1am in the morning. I was so tired and went to bed, still counldn’t figure out what I have done wrong.

Couldn’t give this up as I believe I know what are the right steps to do. Just did this again and it worked, what a relief. I have in fact recorded down all details and was ready to ask for support at the hosting. Now the site at …/fun can be accessed by anyone except that when you click the link to the private flickr album you’ll be asked to enter username and password.

Monday, October 10, 2005


See this elsewhere or in the comment below.

Head 1.5 theme

Switched to this today, I like the bright color just to distinguish with other blogs I have. Tweaked the color a bit as I like contrast of the headings with the background yellow color. The title of each post is a bit bigger too.

The page link for Archives and Links etc however don't mean anything to this theme as they are useful only for "connections reloaded" with their page templates which is a good design.

Sunday, October 9, 2005


It was fairly easy when I installed this, then today ambitiously tried the friendly url option. Oh my God it has broken down. The major problem is that I couldn’t go back. I guess I have to try deactivating and reinstalling again.

PS: I have completely removed the plugin from the directory, removed also few lines of code that belong to FAlbum in .htaccess file, uploaded again the plugin (making sure it’s the latest one since I last downloaded it, it’s still version 0.5 I believe as of today).

PPS: Thank God, it works again. I think the key is to remove that few lines from the .htacess file if you hit problem in your experiment. Nevermind this is part of the fun screwing things up, it’s still at 0.5, what do you expect guys?

Friday, October 7, 2005

Neuron Screentips

This one Dynamic Web Coding is a good resource to learn about javascript, I guess the screentips come from a javascript file in the theme.

PS: thanks Tinyau who gave me the hint to tackle this which saves me lots of time looking. The reference to the javascript file

script type="text/javascript" src="/nicetitle.js

has been removed from the header.php file, it's now fixed.

Happy Valley on a race day

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }
.flickr-yourcomment { }
.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }
.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }

P6110351, originally uploaded by sfong15.

This is a test and this pic should go to "Because I Write"


Have switched to this theme today. I'll have to find a way to get rid of the screentips/tooltips which is quite annoying.

If I could find the time to adjust the color a bit, that would be great.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

WP themes

Have today browsed almost all themes available on the web and downloaded a few such as windstorm, retrospotive, neuron, head, operate, travelogue and journalized-blue for future experimental use.

Somehow I think I'll learn how to build a theme myself when I have time.


Have email confirmed cancelling my account with them today. I guess I'll be refunded the amount paid less the domain registration fee which is 9 something dollars.

The site restriction experiment is working fine except that normally I have to type username and password twice before I could gain access.

FAlbum - Flickr groups

This plugin is great, best I have seen so far after moving to WordPress for about a month, no regret!

Installation was a piece of cake except that I have to fiddle a bit on the index.php but I found the solution here in the forum, again that was only few minutes work.

I have selected to show my private photosets. My trouble is now that I’m building a blog for my friends and I have a private group in flickr for this group of friends therefore I’m expect Falbum to support private group, i.e. I could select which group’s photosets are allowed to display in that blog, is this feature forthcoming?

Important Notes about FAlbum 0.5

This is so important that I have to record this down or else I'll forget if I have to tweak other themes later.

The FAlbum is a great plugin, the layout is nice. Installion was a piece of cake however when it's done the layout will be broken. How bad it is depends on the theme you use but most themes these days are complex. I have to pick the index.php file within the theme folder, rename it to falbum-wp.php, remove all codes normally required to render the layout such as content and sidebar then replace with codes from this post in the forum.

All set, have yet to find out why only few photosets are shown instead of all my sets in flickr.

PS: just before going to bed, fix that photosets issue. It was because in the wp-admin even if you have clicked update it writes the code only. The html written by the php codes must be flushed therefore you must clear the cache (the button on the top left). The php writes the html codes, i.e. the layout etc and Flickr is responsible for send the images.

Putting Flickr and WordPress together

I’m scouring the www for this, may be this FAlbum will do the job. As Flickr opens up their API therefore it should be easy for lots of smart coders to work things out.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Connection-reloaded 1.1

Just loaded this and customized it a bit tonight.

Restricted Site

With the great help from Site5 tech support I have made an site installed at a experimental directory for restricted user only. I followed steps in Javascriptkit and put few lines of code to protect the directory.

Great it worked. I can then point the domain name I purchased for my classmates and point it to the directory installed with WP.

PS: other good resources are at Poplarware and Webdeveloper and Freewebmasterhelp


Wrote them email yesterday tell them I may cancel account with them. I am considering taking the domain name for $9.95 a year.

They didn't ask much question, too bad I like Site5 better.

Monday, October 3, 2005

Hello Malaysia

Hi, this is to show you how trackback is supposed to work.

Hey, normally people would write link instead of spelling out the complete url like this This makes it easlier for viewer to just click on the link.

It's a good looking theme, keep going.