Thursday, October 13, 2005

FAlbum and .htaccess

Last night I was frustrated. The .htaccess file has been working and restricting entry to my experimental playground at …/fun. I wanted to try something deeper, i.e. move the .htaccess file to the FAlbum plugin subdirectory and protect just the file falbum-wp.php which is used to render the page displaying the photos. I kept on getting 500 internal server error until 1am in the morning. I was so tired and went to bed, still counldn’t figure out what I have done wrong.

Couldn’t give this up as I believe I know what are the right steps to do. Just did this again and it worked, what a relief. I have in fact recorded down all details and was ready to ask for support at the hosting. Now the site at …/fun can be accessed by anyone except that when you click the link to the private flickr album you’ll be asked to enter username and password.


  1. I am curious to learn more about your falbum and htaccess experience - I ve been trying to password-protect some (that is where the problems start) flickr sets unsing falbum.

    Here is what I try to do: Setting up WP to allow the Falbum plugin to display all private pics on my site (working). Then assigning different passwords to the individual sets (they are intended for different groups). I tried to "replicate" the folder structure and using .htaccess files - no success.

    When I am protecting falbum-wp.php, I have one password for all groups again. Hm. Maybe you have an idea?



  2. My stories on falbum are everywhere, you may want to read those here as well. Using htaccess is secure but clumsy what if you have to tell lots of people different user name and password.

    I think later on some smart guys will further improve falbum such that other good features in flickr can be used from within WP platform. I am as frustrated as you because at this moment falbum exposes all my private photos but with the class of private photos most people will have different group of friends. In my case I have set up groups but falbum can't get down to that level extracting photos for a particular group. You may also want to browse their forum as well in here