Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Firefox doesn't like it

I have added the "more" tag to few posts with Windows Media Player video streaming. When you have a post with WMP the memory usage of FF will jump from a nominal figure of 50~60Mb to 80~90Mb and makes the loading of the page very slow. The memory occupied will not come down unless you end and start again FF.

The Big Eight

From the research by the authors it is found that most people in business are motivated by between one and three deeply embedded life interests. All business work could be broken down into eight types of core activities of what they called “business core functions”. These core functions represent the way deeply embedded life interests find expression in business. A summary is as follows:-

1. Application of Technology
2. Quantitative Analysis
3. Theory Development and Conceptual Thinking
4. Creative Production
5. Counseling and Mentoring
6. Managing People and Relationships
7. Enterprise Control
8. Influence Through Language and Ideas

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Techniques of Job Sculpting

The authors have discovered that the key is deeply embedded life interests therefore the key technique would be to identify these interests of the staff you want to retain. The discovery is best done by the Manager, not the HR department, because it is all about observation and communication between the supervising Manger and the staff being retained. May be you could observe what he/she is most excited at, discuss with him/her about their real interests and what part of their daily route they hated most. The desire of uncovering key staff’s deeply embedded life interests can also be openly discussed such that talented people can help in examining themselves. The self examination could be done by way of a written assessment of accomplishments, goals setting, identification of training requirements and future growth/advancement etc prepared prior to a regular performance review/appraisal. Once such a culture in identifying deeply embedded life interests is established staff can then actively participate in the process and communicate honestly with their Manager about what they like and dislike at work.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Video Streaming

According to MSDN it's safer to use WMP 6.4 control to support browsers other than IE. Below used codebase 6,4,7,1112 and older clsid.

I guess codebase isn't important in most cases if the client has WMP already installed. It's useful only when the client browser hasn't got any version of WMP installed then the page will fetch the correct version from the Microsoft site to have that installed.

WMP view in IE

Surprisingly if the older version clsid (before version 7) is used the WMP displays correctly in IE, see screenshot below. The one with newer vision of clsid has the bottom bar, which displays streaming status, omitted when viewd under IE. Under FF, as seen in previous post, they both look the same.


Video Streaming

I'm confused by various methods posted in Interent as to how to display WMP on a website, therefore I'm doing a side-by-side comparsion here.

used CLSID:22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95
works OK in both FF and IE, bottom bar display streaming status appears only in IE.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

video streaming

A trial has been done HERE. There is also a good reference found at knowledge base of Macromedia.

A very good tutorial is also found HERE. At Web Studio Forum the moderator has listed codes for various audio and video files you want to play.

The clsid (class id) used for the Windows Media Player appears to be wrong in some examples I found according to this reference at w3schools.

The official guide is here from MSDN.

The major trouble is that Microsoft doesn't really support other browsers other than its own IE. I have just tried that same code works OK in IE but not in FF.

If you are expecting users to use FF to view your website it is important to alert users to check if their FF installations has plugin for WMP installed properly, steps to follow are here in this FORUM.

What is Job Sculpting

This is the art of matching people to jobs that allow their deeply embedded life interests to be expressed. The authors believe that by carefully designed career path with job sculpting in mind would increase the chance of retaining talented people.

What Has Gone Wrong With Traditional Career Development
The mistakes made by a traditional HR department in career development:

  • People are satisfied with jobs they excel at

  • People get promoted by preset schedule or when performance standard is met

  • In organization reshuffle music chair is played, i.e. key positions are filled then empty slots are filled by second grade people according to abilities.

  • People demanded promotion and got moved to position with stretched responsibilities

  • The Manager has no say in career development for talented people

Guitars resting place


We'll be sleeping here for around 3 weeks


Busy CWB around lunch time


Come down please!


Buffet 13 November 2005


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Got an email tonight from Spurl, just more than 48 hours after uploading of my bookmarks, saying that my bookmarks have been uploaded and are ready for use.

That's great news because I was about to give them up. I found something good about them which is that they retained the my bookmark structure. Whereas in Furl all my 800+ links are all grouped under "imported bookmarks" and I'll have to manually move them into "My topics" for logical grouping.

Another reason, perhaps, for Spurl for spending so much time before making links available to me is that they have analysed them, see below screenshot. Oops, lots of them are broken.


Online bookmarks

This is getting popular. You have can your bookmark completely uploaded to the websites then you could access it at any computer with internet connection.

I first tried because it associates with Flock that I'm trying. It didn't quite work because I have 800+ links bookmark that I want to upload. It's import feature wasn't available for most of the time and when I was alive again I uploaded my bookmarks but they are not available after few days of uploading. The next one I tried was spurl. They have made it quite clear that uploading of bookmarks needs 24 hours before they are visiable.

I did that and waited for 36 hours, still nothing available after logged in. I emailed support so far nothing is heard. The last one I tried is furl, this appears the best and I can see it's working because uploading of bookmarks is easy and I could actually see it updating until it's all done. All my 843 links are uploaded and are now available on the Internet. I think all of them is designed for no-brainer and wondered why they don't appear to be user friendly and tell you what has gone wrong if it's not working to what they have described.

Job Sculpting

I am continuing posting of my writing here after nearly 2 months of moving house from Blogger to WordPress. This is my writing about an article by Timothy Butler and James Waldroop in HBR in Sept-Oct 1999. This article is about retaining best people.

The research by the authors began in 1986 for a period of 12 years. The authors have interviewed 650 professionals from a wide range of industries and a battery of psychological tests were doneon the interviewees in order to assess what factors contribute to their work satisfaction. The authors have drawn aconclusion that you can retain your best people if they are satisfied at workand if the job matches their “deeply embedded life interests” that will lead towork satisfaction.

What are “Deeply Embedded Life Interests”?
These are not hobbies (e.g. opera, skiing…etc) nor are topical enthusiasms such ashistory, politics or investment. “Deeply Embedded Life Interests” are long-held, emotionally driven passions, intricately entwined with personality and these bon of anindeterminate mix of nature and nurture. The word “embedded” implies that these interests are hidden within oneself which is not easily uncovered. These interests also do not determine what people are good at; instead drive whatkinds of activities that make them happy. The research has shown that deeply embedded life interests start showingin early childhood, then embedded and forgotten, and remain relatively stable throughout our lives. Where as education and training would equip someone smart to succeed in virtually anyjobs that throw at him/her. Most people grown up to fulfill other people’s expectation on them due to thesubject their parents selected, the first successful job application or the career path with least resistance.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Login box at sidebar

This is a great hack to be able to login and out at the sidebar, lots of users simply don't know what to do when they are taken to the dashboard.

I modified a few things to make it look like what is now at the sidebar

  • removed the duplicated ?php _e('Login'); ? such that "login" and "login:" will not appear on two consecutive lines

  • h2 tags are changed to h3 because for this theme h2 is for the box

May be I'll find a good button to replace the "login >>".

Thank you ioerror

There is a good guide here from podz for CSS that may tell me how to do that.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Customized Connections Reloaded

With the help of Ajay I finally have successfully activated this theme of version 1.2.    The problem was due to my oversight that Apache server doesn't like space in the folder name.

The customization I have done are
  1. Pages on sidebar removed.
  2. Added My Swicki
  3. Added Google Search box
  4. Added Google Adsense
  5. Added a Flickr Badge
  6. Added Register and Signin to the top navigation bar

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Internet Search

The Search technology has moved to 3rd generation, new search engines have surfaced as beta. The talked about lexxe is one of them. When it first launched it has to be shut down due to excessive traffic.

The next one I noticed is a community powered search engine called Swicki I have just joined and put the search box on this blog. It's good that we, our group doing interent research together, could test this out using this new search technology.

I have used key words such as "korea, economic, demographic, political, legal....." when setting up my Swicki therefore when my team members use this search engine it's being tuned to confine results to what we are all looking for. This is what I understand how it works. Let's see!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Korea - history

According to Infoplease the Koreans, descended from Tungusic tribal peoples, are a distinct racial and cultural group. According to Korean legend, Tangun established Old Choson (朝鮮) in NW Korea in 2333 B.C., and the Korean calendar enumerates the years from this date.

There were traces of Chinese rule and the Koreans have resisted, from time to time, Chinese invasions. From 7th - 10th centuries, Korea was unified by the Silla Kingdom and flourished.

In 935 the Silla(新羅) dynasty was overthrown by Wang Kon who had established (918) the Koryo(高麗) dynasty (the name was selected as an abbreviated form of Koguryo and is the source of the name Korea).

Confucianism(孔子學說)—introduced from China during the Silla years and adapted to Korean customs—controlled the pattern of government. A coup in 1170 led to a period of military rule. In 1231, Mongol forces invaded from China, initiating a war that was waged intermittently for some 30 years. Peace came when Koryo accepted Mongol suzerainty, and a long period of Koryo-Mongol alliance followed. In 1392, Yi Songgye, a general who favored the Ming dynasty (which had replaced the Mongols in China), seized the throne and established the Choson dynasty.

There is also an interesting theory by Leon at his website that Koreans are a combination of Tungusic and Austronesian ethnicities.

The 1592 invasion by the Japanese shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi(豊臣秀吉) was driven back by Choson and Ming forces, but only after six years of great devastation and suffering. Manchu invasions in the first half of the 17th cent. resulted in Korea being made (1637) a tributary state of the Manchu (滿洲) dynasty. Subsequent factional strife gave way, in the 18th century, to economic prosperity and a cultural and intellectual renaissance. Korea limited its foreign contacts during this period and later resisted, longer than China or Japan, trade with the West, which led to its being called the Hermit Kingdom.

In 1876, Japan forced a commerical treaty with Korea, and to offset the Japanese influence, trade agreements were also concluded (1880s) with the United States and European nations. Japan's control was tightened after the First Sino-Japanese War (1894–95) and the Russo-Japanese War (1904–5), when Japanese troops moved through Korea to attack Manchuria. These troops were never withdrawn, and in 1905 Japan declared a virtual protectorate over Korea and in 1910 formally annexed the country. The Japanese instituted vast social and economic changes, building modern industries and railroads, but their rule (1910–45) was harsh and exploitative. Sporadic Korean attempts to overthrow the Japanese were unsuccessful, and after 1919 a provisional Korean government, under Syngman Rhee (李承晚 1875~1965), was established at Shanghai, China.

A brief history in Chinese can be found HERE.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Exclude Pages from sidebar

Because of the horzontal navigation bar used for this time, I'll exclude display of certain pages from the sidebar under "Pages", this is the reference in Codex.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Theme Switcher

THIS is what I am going to try out later.

Display content instead of excerpt

Thanks to the direction given by Moshu, this change is now done, i.e. when you click archives for the month each post is display in its entirety instead of excerpt only. I guess this is better especially when someone who is new to this site and wishes to view old posts.

It's at the archives template file changed the parameter at

[div class="entry"]
[?php the_content() ?]

Maple Theme

Got reply from author, it's like this

Sfong, glad you like the theme. Any changes are OK, since it was released under GPL.
As for the archive/category listing - just search the forum, it was asked over 1,000 times :)
[Hint: replace the_excerpt with the_content]

Looks like this is a easy fix, I'll be on my own.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Suppressed images in posts

Have written to support asking the author of this Maple theme the below question.

When I click one category under sidebar the posts displayed have images suppressed. To see the images within a post ('cos I know it's there) I have to click the title of that particular post. How do I make displaying of images or the complete post content by default?

Customization to the theme

Added few more links at the navigation bar below the top image, that was done at the horizontal.php file. Put also the heading font upright because generally I don't like italic. Turned on optioncount for Categories and show_post_count for Archieves, these are done in the sidebar.php file.

Added a Links template which is copied from the Archives template of the original theme.

As usual added the get firefox button at the end of the sidebar.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

New theme used

One of the reasons that I turned to this one is that the author has posted something useful about theme design in this post. It's a very useful guide if you really want to attempt designing your own theme.

Blockquote for this theme looks like this

Monday, November 7, 2005

Gaming in Korea - continued

There are other names mentioned in a IDC Market Analysis for Korea Online Gaming (2004-2009) therefore I have to check them out.

NCSoft is at the top having the biggest (34%) market share in Korea.

Nexon is at 2nd having 14.6% share but they have no English webpage. Korean are certainly going out to take the World, as described in The Seoul Times 10 top gaming companies are going to UK to explore the European market which is 3rd biggest in the World. These 10 companies are Anipark, Buruxo, Mgame, Kog Studios, Neowiz, Nexon, NHN, SD Enternet, UZdream, and WeMade Entertainment.

According to a review by the Embassy, Korean companies in less than 5 years have done better than any other countries in taking the Chinese market. They have now 70% of the market in terms of revenue according to the government-run Korea Game Development and Promotion Institute (KGDPI).

Another name mentioned in the report is NHN who is 3rd (13.9%) for 2004. It appears to be the biggest Internet portal in Korea according to Korea Times. The PCCW in Hong Kong has also a JV set up with NHN for the China market according to Business Times. May be some classmates who used to work in PCCW could pull a few strings. NHN is working with China's largest game portal SeaRainbow Holding Corp (stock code 000503 listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1992) according to Asia Media. SeaRainbow operates the largest Chinese online gaming portal called OurGame

The next one down the list is Netmarble who had 12.8% in 2004. It wasn't straight forward to track this down simply because I don't read Korean therefore can't identify their mother group name from their webpage. Apparently they have partnered with SINA in China to launch a game portal in 2004 according to this Press Release. Netmarble's mother group is Plenus Inc. (renamed to CJ Internet Corp, KOSDAQ: 37150)

The 5th in 2004 is Neowiz who had 8.7% market share. They are also KOSDAQ listed (A42420).

The 6th is Webzen which has been covered in my earlier post.

The 7th is Wizgate who is also working with NASDAQ listed firm SOHU in China according to this article. Again their identity is difficult to locate because they have their name changed to Mgame in 2004 according to this Press Release. Their company information can be found here if we really want to write to them.

No 8th is Gravity which has been covered in my earlier post they have 2.1% market share in 2004.

The 9th is CCR, easy one to deal with because they have a English website.

The last one is Actozsoft who has 1.7% in 2004.

Korea Gaming Industry

Have done a simple Google search using key words "Korea gaming". I got 3,310,000 results.

I have also tried lexxe, the talked about new generation search engine powered by advanced natural language technology. The question I used was "top players in korea gaming industry". I got 5 results.

This article is about GSTAR, largest Korean game show. 2 other results from Lexxe are basically duplicated and the rests are useless.

I then used a new question as "list of companies in korea gaming industry" then I got 100 results. That's more like it. There is one useful there at which says "NCSoft's medieval role-playing game "Lineage" is the most popular online game in the world, with more than 4 million subscribers, mostly in Korea". There is also useful link to List of Stocks for gaming industry. I found elsewhere that quite a few Korean companies have been listed in NASDAQ. The list there is quite long therefore I have to click links there one by one to see if they are Korean. One other article mildly related can be found at The Industry Standard is about fast growing online gaming industry in China. Last but not least is the famous report from Market which costs you US$475.

I'll go back to Google's search results from here.

This article in BBC News tells you how South Korea is one of the most "wired" societies in the World. There are more than 25,000 cyber cafes across the country. These are called "PC bangs" which operate 24 hours a day.

We are talking about gaming therefore can't ignore the official site World Cyber Games. There are a lot at this site if you have time to look inside.

After you read this post at you'll be scared to know that the Virtual World is as dirty as the real one. From this article at MSNBC you'll know that selling virtual goods for real cash is not illegal in Korea. Also read from there that the largest online auction company in Korea is Itembay but too bad they only have a website in Korean. Also a gaming expert at Yonsei University in Seoul (named Asia's best universities 2000 by Asiaweek) is called Whang Sang-min.

From this archived article by Electronic Gaming Business it was said that Korea has the highest broadband Internet penetration in the World. You will also see that quite a few Korean firms have done fundraising in the US in 2003, they are Netamin and Unibox Korea.

This site by GameDailyBiz has a lot of information. The Korean Government has been helping the industry and they have KOCCA, short for Korea Culture & Centent Agency, to help. By the way KOCCA has branch office in Bejing, Japan, USA and Europe. It was said that the Korean online game market is the largest market in the Asia/Pacific region based on online game subscription revenues. According to IDC, by 2008 the subscription revenues in Korea are expected to grow to $586 million.

It's also found from this article that the other 2 key players in the business are Gravity Interactive and Webzen.

This article by tells you more about key players Webzen and Gravity from Korea. Another article by BusinessWeek Online tells you how successful NCSoft is and these Korean firms are making big bugs and going for the global market of $18 billion industry which is still essentially dominated by US firms.

Friday, November 4, 2005

Another weird behaviour with Opera

Just posted at this site few minutes ago from Opera 8.5.   When the post is written and publish button pressed I clicked "view site", to my surprise the post wasn't there.    However I could see that particular post in FF.    Clicked also home url of the site, the post still disappeared but this works fine as usual in FF.    In Opera I had to click archives for November before I could see the post I just published.    When I click home again I couldn't see the latest one just published?    Extremely weird behaviour.    In FF, I did exactly the same thing, everything was normal.

This post is published via Flock, a new browser I prefer to stay with after few more trials.

Opera and Firefox

Got various CSS issues to resolve at my other WP playground testing site. The theme author Mike suggested that I use Opera. I tried Opera and found that alignment was perfect for the beastblog theme at "WP Playground".

It's OK perhaps to use Opera and FF together for 2 gmail accounts but too bad just found out that Opera doesn't support Goolge's Personalized Page for some reasons. I have since reported that. It would be nice if Opera supports Netvibes or Netvibes quickly make their site good for Opera.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Customized this Theme Ocadia

Copied the Archives and Links templates from BeastBlog and customized it for this theme. It was not difficult at all. I prefer to see archives and links on one page especially when you have a lot of them.


a million little pieces by James Frey

Just picked up this book. Highly recommended by Oprah Winfrey. Tons of 'f ' words, though it is such a direct and detailed account of the author fighting his addiction of drugs and alcohol.