Monday, November 7, 2005

Gaming in Korea - continued

There are other names mentioned in a IDC Market Analysis for Korea Online Gaming (2004-2009) therefore I have to check them out.

NCSoft is at the top having the biggest (34%) market share in Korea.

Nexon is at 2nd having 14.6% share but they have no English webpage. Korean are certainly going out to take the World, as described in The Seoul Times 10 top gaming companies are going to UK to explore the European market which is 3rd biggest in the World. These 10 companies are Anipark, Buruxo, Mgame, Kog Studios, Neowiz, Nexon, NHN, SD Enternet, UZdream, and WeMade Entertainment.

According to a review by the Embassy, Korean companies in less than 5 years have done better than any other countries in taking the Chinese market. They have now 70% of the market in terms of revenue according to the government-run Korea Game Development and Promotion Institute (KGDPI).

Another name mentioned in the report is NHN who is 3rd (13.9%) for 2004. It appears to be the biggest Internet portal in Korea according to Korea Times. The PCCW in Hong Kong has also a JV set up with NHN for the China market according to Business Times. May be some classmates who used to work in PCCW could pull a few strings. NHN is working with China's largest game portal SeaRainbow Holding Corp (stock code 000503 listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1992) according to Asia Media. SeaRainbow operates the largest Chinese online gaming portal called OurGame

The next one down the list is Netmarble who had 12.8% in 2004. It wasn't straight forward to track this down simply because I don't read Korean therefore can't identify their mother group name from their webpage. Apparently they have partnered with SINA in China to launch a game portal in 2004 according to this Press Release. Netmarble's mother group is Plenus Inc. (renamed to CJ Internet Corp, KOSDAQ: 37150)

The 5th in 2004 is Neowiz who had 8.7% market share. They are also KOSDAQ listed (A42420).

The 6th is Webzen which has been covered in my earlier post.

The 7th is Wizgate who is also working with NASDAQ listed firm SOHU in China according to this article. Again their identity is difficult to locate because they have their name changed to Mgame in 2004 according to this Press Release. Their company information can be found here if we really want to write to them.

No 8th is Gravity which has been covered in my earlier post they have 2.1% market share in 2004.

The 9th is CCR, easy one to deal with because they have a English website.

The last one is Actozsoft who has 1.7% in 2004.

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