Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Online bookmarks

This is getting popular. You have can your bookmark completely uploaded to the websites then you could access it at any computer with internet connection.

I first tried because it associates with Flock that I'm trying. It didn't quite work because I have 800+ links bookmark that I want to upload. It's import feature wasn't available for most of the time and when I was alive again I uploaded my bookmarks but they are not available after few days of uploading. The next one I tried was spurl. They have made it quite clear that uploading of bookmarks needs 24 hours before they are visiable.

I did that and waited for 36 hours, still nothing available after logged in. I emailed support so far nothing is heard. The last one I tried is furl, this appears the best and I can see it's working because uploading of bookmarks is easy and I could actually see it updating until it's all done. All my 843 links are uploaded and are now available on the Internet. I think all of them is designed for no-brainer and wondered why they don't appear to be user friendly and tell you what has gone wrong if it's not working to what they have described.

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