Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Techniques of Job Sculpting

The authors have discovered that the key is deeply embedded life interests therefore the key technique would be to identify these interests of the staff you want to retain. The discovery is best done by the Manager, not the HR department, because it is all about observation and communication between the supervising Manger and the staff being retained. May be you could observe what he/she is most excited at, discuss with him/her about their real interests and what part of their daily route they hated most. The desire of uncovering key staff’s deeply embedded life interests can also be openly discussed such that talented people can help in examining themselves. The self examination could be done by way of a written assessment of accomplishments, goals setting, identification of training requirements and future growth/advancement etc prepared prior to a regular performance review/appraisal. Once such a culture in identifying deeply embedded life interests is established staff can then actively participate in the process and communicate honestly with their Manager about what they like and dislike at work.

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