Saturday, December 10, 2005

Email mania

I have just signed up a free account see at 30gigs

I'm not impressed at all. First of all it's pretty slow using gmail as benchmark. Secondly it's pretty raw, e.g. I can't find help, there is no import of contact and email address book etc.....I think there is a long way for them to go to get competitive.

Learnt from webnews that mailnation offers 1000Gb email service (webmail only) for free. I have also briefly tried, but will forget them as I think they are too aggresive and too many features have been built into it making it super slow. I don't think it's built on AJAX. Everyone is going for thinclient services, I'll do a collection of online services for word processing, spreadsheet, calendar, bookmark.....whatever you can think of soon.

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