Tuesday, January 31, 2006

1.5.2 Installation - complete drill again

Have just read again the installation guide and another complete drill of manual WP 1.5.2 installation at Yahoo Web Hosting. All by hand, not one click automated installation as Yahoo gives you only WP2.0 installation. Below is an example setup.

  1. Create a new folder using ftp client named 'me'

  2. Download archived installation files of version 1.5.2 from here

  3. Upload them to 'me' folder

  4. login to phpMyAdmin in yahoo web hosting, which is www.yourdomainname.com/phpMyAdmin_installation_folder where phpMyAdmin_installation_folder is where you have installed phpMyAdmin

  5. Enter 'me', the name of the database and click create button

  6. click HOME on the left hand pane then privileges

  7. click Add a new user

  8. enter a username in this case use 'wordpress'

  9. enter a password, click generate and copy

  10. open notepad, record down username password encrypted password generated

  11. Under "Global privileges" click "check all" and click "GO" button

Get the wp-config-sample.php file from the installation folder and enter

  • db_name, 'me'

  • db_user, 'wordpress'

  • db_password, {the encrypted password generated}

  • db_host, 'mysql' (this is the 1% chance that you need to chance this if you are using Yahoo web hosting

  • rename the file wp-config.php

  • upload the file to the root of folder 'me'

All done, point your browser to www.yourdomainname.com/wp-admin/install.php

Another thing to watch is the permalink setup. You have to prefix your preferred permalink structure with /index.php/ to get permalink and comment link to work in Yahoo web hosting. May be Yahoo isn't on Apache.

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