Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blog Editor

Yesterday I tested out Qumana. Isn't impressive at all. That thing lived in my notebook for about 15 minutes. I did try posting it to my experimental site. It didn't get my approval because

  1. for someone like me who can type and knows a bit about html tags, I don't actually like tags mingled too much with my words. You'll see a lot of tags when you go back to manage your post once in a while to edit a published post then you want your words back, not the unnecessary tags. WYSIWYG editor isn't that attractive to some bloggers, e.g. new feature in WP2.0 and see comments from this post about WP2.0 in TechCrunch

  2. posting image didn't work for me. I didn't bother to figure out why

  3. it has the "powered by qumana" thing on your post which is also annoying. Perhaps this'll be a paid software later. Didn't they know we have flock?

TechCrunch gave them few good words but that's not my cup of tea.

Flock's blog editor isn't perfect but it's still slightly ahead. Flock's developer version has a few problem which I will write abotu later.

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