Thursday, January 19, 2006


Found this accidentally, installation was easy, it is good for both IE and FF. Download is here.

I saw it somewhere (may be in TechCrunch) that it was firstly launched for IE then later support dual install for both IE and FF as well. Surprising it didn't quite work for my IE, see screenshot below.


The most important bar is gone, Bill good job you have done. Mine is 6.0.2900.2180 If you use it on IE you won't know see the browster logo and the navigation and help etc. You'll know what I mean, just look at below


It's a great idea. The ad banner above the browster bar is a bit big but it's OK as they need that to pay salary.

What I would like to get more from it? May be

  1. resizing of the pop-up window

  2. able to move the pop-up around, this works with the one above such that I could keep the little window for a while as I want to see other things behind it

  3. how about making this to work with RSS reader? In most cases I'll be reading excerpt, just a few lines, then jump to something else

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