Wednesday, January 18, 2006


A while ago Flock failed to start. At the master password screen as below, it showed a weird strip too narrow that I can't enter anything. I had to stop flock at the Windows Task Manager.

flock failed to start

That happened right after I have done a major Windows upgrade, how can I now blame them?

update history

Nothing much I could do except uninstalling and installing again and later I learnt how to move settings of flock from one machine to another, details as below, content of my email to flock support. Nice guys there, please keep up the good work. Remember if you have problem with a flock installation you have to completely remove everything, including its folder and settings, before reinstallation.

The flock is resurrected here in this notebook by:

1. uninstall the flock installation, making sure the original "flock" installation folder is emptied (check and manually empty it if necessary)
2. reinstall flock of the version you like
3. copy the folder ....\user\appplication data\mozilla\flock\profiles\?????????.default from a good installation to the faulty PC just cleaned and reinstalled with a new flock.
4. rename the new flock installation xxxxxxxx.default folder to something else, just in case.
5. paste ????????.default folder onto the new flock installation and rename it to xxxxxxxx.default
6. Now you should have 2 PC's having the same setting

Flock again.

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