Monday, January 2, 2006

It's almost done

The color changes are almost done, I wasn't able to change the color of the border line between sidebar and the post area because that's a long strip of 680 x 1 pixel image called bodybag and I need skillful tool to change the color of that "dot", which forms the vertical line when repeated vertically, to the color I want.

I also wasn't able to change the color of the site name link in the header image. It should be that "header h1" (see PS) but for some reasons I neither could change the color nor move its position.

That's all what I want to do now which are pretty easy stuff for amateur like me, perhaps last thing to do is to make another image for the post title called dateheader.jpg.

Also sorted out one text display color issue with archive template. In the template the h2 class="pagetitle" is used but this doesn't exist in the CSS file. In fact ".post-info" controls that. I have now used color="000" for month and category archive display title.

PS: No it's at "#header a:link, #header a:visited, #header a:hover, #header a:active" but I'm only able to move it sideway by padding but not down.

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