Friday, January 13, 2006

My experience

It is true that we all use our experience in our decision making. In our business life things are happening so fast that the circumstances do not allow careful objective and scientific deliberation process to be carried out. In many cases your success depends on how fast you could make up your mind, e.g. in closing a deal or submitting a proposal or tender.

For reasons just described it is only possible in the perfect world that one could “adjust” their decision making mechanism in their mind by following advices in this article. Even if you can afford the time and have the discipline to follow the guidance you will be over taken by your competitors.

Some people are born leaders and they are normally smart decision makers. In my experience the mind of these people operate like a computer and the more decisions they make the smarter they become. The funniest thing is that the algorithm they used in computing a solution bases on very few principles. These are normally very fundamental principles in life such as ethics, human value and interaction with personality.

In fact some of the techniques described in this article are not workable. E.g. decisions for large corporation are not made by individuals but in group. When you work with others you have to consider hidden agendas of others and very seldom you could analyze a situation with all facts laid out with honest contribution from everybody involved. Furthermore if your organization does not have a culture to use analytical methods in decision making all these recommendations by the article are useless. You still have to resort to your political skills trying to persuade people to decide smartly for the benefit of all.

After all it is the result that counts in most cases. It would be naïve to assume that the boss will even know and appreciate your decision making process if the result does not turn out right.

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