Thursday, January 26, 2006

Now you can comment

I have now turned off the need to register before you can comment.

I guess it's OK as this site is protected by Akismet so spam shouldn't be a problem.

If you have someone to say just click comment link below the post title and fire ahead.


  1. Hi:

    I've just installed lush on my blog running 1.5.2 and am having a problems getting comments to work.

    How did you manage to fix the problem, if you don't mind me asking? ;-)


  2. Paul, actually when I wrote this post I haven't yet switched to this LUSH theme. Funny enough when I got the moderation email I followed the link to moderate the comment then this site appeared to have crashed.

    30 minutes later it came back up and I have approved your comment and wrote this. I have to say I didn't do anything to fix the comment issue of this theme and I was one of the earliest few that used this on WP1.5.2 the author has 2.0 in his mind. I suggest you go and ask him.