Monday, January 23, 2006

Yahoo Mail Beta

I use gmail most of the time and got all my other email accounts forwarding emails to a few gmail accounts I have. Although I'm a Mail Plus subscriber I don't login to Yahoo webmail until recently.

I was told to switch to the mail beta, which I did, and I wasn't too impressed. There is at least one little display flaw that I can see on Firefox. Surely Yahoo knows better than anyone how popular FF is, hope they will fix that soonest. See the links hiding below the search box?

Yahoo webmail

Generally after few days of use I see the followings:-

  1. First loading is slow using gmail as benchmark. I guess whoever launching improved webmail service/interface will have to face the brutal fact of being bench-marked by gmail.

  2. Display is not ready yet for FF, am using 1.5 by the way

  3. Loading of message could be slow if graphics are embedded within, therefore an option for user to stop loading images should be made available

  4. The import of address (now called contacts via CSV file) is clumsy and wasn't instant. It directed me to another page, I did the upload, went back still didn't see the contacts. You really have to wait and logout and login again to see imported contacts. Yahoo got to tell users what is happening to stop people complaining.

  5. Moving messages to folder is easy enough to use but you can't do that until the message is fully loaded. OK it's easy to get use to that but where is tagging (labeling or whatever?). Tagging is the buzzword for all Web2.0 applications now and that helps you to find your messages quicker while some people still prefer putting messages into folders. I'm disappointed in not seeing that. OK it's alright that Yahoo shouldn't be following what gmail has done but something similar is expected

I'll use the beta for a little while more but will not give up gmail for now.

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