Monday, January 23, 2006

Yahoo Web Hosting help

I have emailed them Jan 22, 2006 11:47 PM below

I've moved some 300 posts from my blog hosted elsewhere. I've used export to xml then RSS import feature of WordPress 2.0. It wasn't successful at first attempt as I didn't see sign of complete, only about 78 posts were imported. I did exactly the same trial elsewhere at site5, also a WP2.0 installation, it was done flawlessly in one go.

I realize that it can be done therefore I tried again at my blog here in Yahoo. This time after fair waiting I pressed reload of the page and found that it went further, i.e. more posts imported. At last I had to reload the page about 3 times to get all 291 posts imported. Luckily the WP function is so designed that there weren't duplicated entries.

As that is a server side process I wonder if you guys may know why this import didn't complete in one single shot?

Another question is that from my perspective I think Yahoo should also provide installation for WP 1.5.2. You'll see comments everywhere now that many WP users are staying at 1.5.2 due to lack of plugin supports. If Yahoo wants to attract the WP community you must offer this choice which don't cost you much to set up.

Since then I have scoured the web about specific comments about WP2.0 and how users have downgraded from 2.0 back to 1.5.2 I was surprised to find so many......stay tuned, see upcoming posts here.

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