Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Backup & Restore Database

Followed this thread in the forum and downloaded the WP-DBManager for 1.5.2 from HERE. Thanks GamerZ for showing me the way.

Before trying this I have installed the famous plugin from Skippy. Now before trying this one I deactivated Skippy's.

Installation of GamerZ was easy and smooth then I downloaded the 3.1Mb sql file, which is a backup of this site, to desktop top. Following the instruction here in codex for Restoring your database I login into phpMyAdmin of my test site hosted by Yahoo.

Before I upload the file I saw below error.

sql error

I did try anyway but what I got was an 500 internal server error. So I can't proceed to Changing the site url.

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  1. [...] I have used GaMerZ older version for WP1.5.2 with a little trouble (see them here, here and most recently here) but I still managed backing up and restoring it over at a new url.    I have assumed this current version has improvement hence the below experiement. [...]