Friday, February 24, 2006


Thanks to Google Desktop Search, I found what I said in July 2003

My article would be named An Amateur Approach. I want to write about my practical experience of paperless office though still very far from it. I managed a billion dollar engineering project with many correspondence. Few years back I was dreaming about a way to find copy of letters without looking up hardcopy files and want all members of my team of 60 to do that quick and easy. In essense online retrival of scanned information from the PC network. There were few systems available in the market that we have examined, one costed few millions some served only a portion of my needs. I have at the end learned the hardway i.e. written a desktop database application using VB6 at the end an intranet solution using ASP 3.0 I consider myself an amateur because I self taught all skills such as VBA for excel, VB6, VB script ASP 3.0 etc to build the solution all on my own. I just want to share the experience.

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