Wednesday, February 22, 2006


PageFlakes has a very attractive layout design but a couple of things essential are yet to come.

  • some feeds don't come with content, just the title?

  • it needs a refresh button for each feed/module, it's obvious as like many others we all have many gmail accounts and we just want to know if important mails have arrived

  • it couldn't resolve chinese characters yet?

  • OPML file upload, understand that this is forthcoming may be next week

Beta product like this relies on users to throw in comments and ideas and I hope pageflakes don't mind me pointing out above for them here.

I like meebo that's my default IM channel, have not used desktop clients since they launched. I wrote about meebo, or similar approach (must be someone else working on it), and Ajax Firstpage integration, here I throw this idea to pageflakes as well.


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