Saturday, February 4, 2006

The Site5 Way

I have just done the Site5 way to manually install a WordPress 1.5.2, the new site is HERE.

Steps taken were:

  1. Create a new database

  2. Create a new user for the database

  3. Set password for the new user

All the above were done within cpanel of Site5 without going into phpMyAdmin which is a lot easier for no-brainer like me who trusts the hosting design rather than doing scary thing in phpMyAdmin.

A new folder was then created using ftp client, uploaded a good archived copy of version 1.5.2

Point the browser to \...\new_152wp\wp-admin\install.php, it was done like a charm! Error free in few seconds.

I did this drill because very soon fantastico used by Site5 will have one click installation of the latest WP2.0.1 then if I want 1.5.2 I'll have to do it manually.

The restore of database to the new_152wp was also very successful using Lester Chan's (GamerZ) WP-DBMANAGER, be warned you have to do these first

  1. backup your database, I used Skippy's plugin

  2. unzip it to sql text file, change url within it to suit your new url
  3. be warned that notepad may not be able to that job if your file is too large

  4. don't forget to change the database name to match the new database name of your new installation at the new url

  5. upload the sql file to the folder 'wp-backup-db'

  6. assuming that you have wp-dbmanager already installed you could then restore it within wp-admin

What I found was that after database restoration the site is blank. I then login to wp-admin by pointing browser to /.../wp-login.php I have done a few clicks within wp-admin and clicked view site again, it was done perfectly. The site new_152wp now has the same content as in this one, except this post of course.

I didn't know what had happened perhaps MySQL took sometime at the backend and I was too quickly launching the site.

With this experiment successfully conducted now I think I'll find out how to quit Yahoo Web hosting now. Nothing is better than layman comparison like this.

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