Saturday, February 25, 2006

When the article was submitted

I said

I finally have it done but it may not be in the format/style that you normally receive from contributors, see attached.

I haven't got screen shots, code snapshots, etc as I think the code for my project are very specific to my case, e.g. I have a script resolving letter reference numbers to speed up searching of file name within folders. Techniques used are commonly found in dummies books for asp and vbscript.

I am however keen to know (expecting feedback from readers) if there are in fact products in the market doing similar things as I have done, e.g. I would expect such software to do things like:

  1. integrating scanning, converting into pdf file, and uploading to a dedicated document server running IIS. A standalone application to be installed on a PC for a document controller (a clerk) to do just that.

  2. integration with exchange server such that automated mail is sent enclosing a link to the new document uploaded to the outlook inbox of the head of office. The head of office will then view the incoming mail pdf file (using IE as client either in new window or within outlook), distribute the link, add a few lines marking "for action" and/or "for information" to his subordinates via outlook.

  3. "add-in" could be designed for outlook such that the user can customize the UI (e.g. tick boxes) for easy selection of frequently used names. Additional info can also be displayed to show whether each subordinates under his team is online, offline or on leave etc. Also features of outlook can be incorporated in the UI, such as setting task, alarm, follow up etc.

  4. My project was started some 2 years ago and I did it in asp 3.0. I would certainly consider buying a commercial product as described above written in As I'm hardly a "pro" maybe you or your readers can tell me if in fact there are products available in the market already.

    If my article gets published I don't mind giving away my code, however I don't have the time now to do a write up explaining features in the code which are specific for the document system in my company.

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