Friday, March 31, 2006

Site5's my.site5 has a new look

backstage_loginI know they have been working hard "backstage" now it's finally out. This is their login page for users, it's now called Backstage replacing the name my.site5. This page isn't quite designed for Firefox as you can see the new logo hidding behind the login box.

After login the new interface is like below, it's almost like a blog. At the moment you'll still be directed to the old interface for Multiadmin and Netadmin. I'll sure new interface for those will be out pretty soon.


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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lush - template for links

Here it is

By the way the stats displayed on the sidebar are from various little plugins by Anders holte Nielsen, the names of these plugins are CatCount, ComCount, MsgCount, UsrComCount, UsrCount and WordCount.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not posting in the last few days

Well I was busy tweaking a new theme at my other site papierlos hence ignoring this one.    It's a new theme named Hemingway but it's at its early stage hence lots of things to do.    It's not really usable due to UTW plugin not really working with the theme.

I'm also busy at work doing very boring reading and also a piece of easy homework due today.   That was supposed to be easy but I have never gotten to make a start hence it's now pretty difficult.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

AjaxWrite - yet another one

Another one just joined the crowd. This is called ajaxWrite. It works only at the moment for FF you'll get a new window, without the usual FF menu toolbar etc instead a very look alike Microsoft Word menu system.

Of course you won't expect same amount of functionalities like Word which you don't need most of the time. It's still early to say how good it is. It crashed my Firefox when I tried to save my test run article.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Firefox alpha 1

If you really are eager to try new things you better read this warning here. Download of Bon Echo alpha 1 is now available from the site.

Mike said alpha 2 is just round the corner.

Building webapplications for dummies like me

Further to my post here, I wrote to Zoho Creator to further explain what I was expecting.   I said
Yes, I'm thinking of an webapplication with database at the backend.   I guess it's possible for zoho to provide a simple database structure then allow users to add fields, change field names, data structure and step by step procedures to build queries etc.    Isn't it the whole idea, i.e. allow users to builld application without learning to code?
They came back to me and said
Yes you are right. We are actually doing that.  Currently we do not allow users to change datatype(field type). We will be doing that soon. Other than that you can add fields, modify field names, you can connect two different Forms by importing a field in one Form as a PickList in other Form.

Our goal is to allow the end users to build WebApplication without worrying about Database, Queries and code.  A ZohoCreator User will get to work with only the Forms and Views which is what the end users actually see. We are trying to achieve a WYSIWYG development of WebApplication.

But then when an user wants to build a full fledged application he/she has to write some actions/application logic. For that we are working on a Scripting language. We are working on the scripting part which we plan to integrate soon.
Isn't it wonderful? Zoho is probably the first working on this goal.


I don't get much spam but I have Akismet protecting me ever since I installed WordPress.

In the last few days Akismet caught 146 spam, is this site getting popular or just being randomly picked for spamming?


Just read Adam Greenfield's long post in his blog.    I subscribed to all blogs by people at Site5 just to keep pace with what they do.   Adam was responding to a blog post by a customer here by Nick Lewis.    Something Nick said that I also experienced.    Let me start from the beginning, that was 22 September last year.

When I first signed up I have email letting me know everything is fine and I could start using my account.   Then billing department also emailed me information about my account.    Then I was confused with different username, login name and different passwords given.    Further complication is this so  called "stored password" which I still don't know exactly what it's for and have never used.

About passport which Nick was concerned about, I'm OK with that.   I created passport to let my elder brother to test-drive Site5 which is convenient.   You could even share your account with someone else with that.    Well my elder brother later still decided to use bluehost instead due to lack of speed of Site5.

I don't feel the lack of speed or reliability problem until recently.    I wrote about the ftp access problem here the answer given was a brute force login attack against the SSHd service.    The httpd service of my server was crashed on 16 March and had to be restarted, an outage of 30 minutes.    Site loading is extremely slow during last 2 weeks and it's really frustracted watching deterioation of performance.

Is Site5 having too many new projects which is affecting performance and reliability.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Zohocreator is a great concept it helps you to create application without learning how to code. We are really too busy doing unnecessary things and most of the time flooded by unnecessary information leaving no time to learn new things.

I have just created a public application named papierlos (paperless in German). I have yet to find out if I could add backend database (have emailed support, people at zoho are friendly and helpful). Basically it's a dream that I have for many years to have quick and easy search and retrieval facility for an ocean of document we create in the office.

In the office we have the traditional folder concept, i.e. you identify where a document should go and it goes into a physical location. You make multiple copies sometime such that you could find it in many places but that's sinful these days to kill trees.

In fact you don't need to file anything as long as you stick virtual labels to document, here are the steps.

  • A document controller receives a document, have it scanned, and uploaded to the intranet document server.

  • The head of office checks a location in the intranet from time to time to read incoming document, he'll then identify what's that for and tick label check boxes. Of course authority can be set such that certain staff in the office can create new check boxes (labels).

  • The office head then also put his notes against that incoming document and tick few names of his team for actions, information and circulation etc. That note will then be sent to respective people over internal email.

The document controller can also do the normal routine entering date, sender, document title, document reference, doc type etc in a document for further searching use. With virtual labeling you could narrow down your search and do virtual grouping of documents.

I have done something similar (article in ASP101) few years back using outdated ASP 3.0, can I build the same without learning new things by Zohocreator?

Blog Stats deliver straight into your RSS reader

performancing_rssThis is a good concept with stats deliver straight into your RSS reader. This is what Performancing metrics is delivering to you, free. See this screenshot. I'm currently using Alesti and I'm surprised at the frequency at which the stats are delivered. Every hour or so I have graphs for activity, referrers, visitors and outbound links delivered to me. That's a bit too good.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Test run of ecto

This is another desktop blogging software I found. This isn't free I have 20 days more to test this.

This looks slightly better than the last one I tested, details in this post.

I could build custom html tags, which are commonly used, such as below "ordered" and "unordered" list

  1. first point

  2. second point

  • bullet one

  • bullet two

Adding link is simple, once you have copied a link into clipboard (ctrl-C), highlight your text and click "insert hyperlink" then it's there!

The good thing about it which is even better than performancing is that tags are added to the right place. The trick is under Options>Tags>Put tags in> you have to select "extended" while default is "body". For those who are using plugin for tags this must be set otherwise tags will be by default inserted into the body of the post.

The only criticism so far is that the user interface can be further improved, e.g. fonts are too small and not adjustable. Also for a few times I clicked a particular post but a new window didn't come out.

Blogbeat last screenshot

blogbeat_lastMy free account has 4 more day to go this is the last screenshot I just took.

Blogbeat is out Performancing Metrics is in

It's near a month now so the free service will soon be expired.    I just tried logging in to get the latest charts but Blogbeat server appears to be down.

Now I have performancing metrics installed, it's also free so I'll give it a try, see initial screenshot below.

Of course this is sent from Performancing for firefox. It is still giving me problems on time stamp but it's good enough for now.


Korea Political Factor - V


The democratic society of South Korea and leadership of the current president / government has a very strong positive impact to the business environment of South Korea.  It helps to maintain a stable society and business environment that promote both foreign investment and economic growth.  However, the potential problem with North Korea will greatly increase the uncertainty in society stability.

References found on Internet for this little study

  2. Wikipedia - Politics of South Korea
  3. The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea
  4. This site earlier post
  5. National Electrion Commission

Performancing extension for FF

This is sent from performancing extension for Firefox.

PS: Well I have now tried Performancing and w.bloggar and my initial feeling is that I like the Firefox extension slightly better. There must be a time-zone setting for Performancing that I have omitted as this post and that post are both sent later than this one.

Zoho Writer

This is sent from Zoho Writer.

Connecting to my blog is now done.   Below is the typical testing

  1. first point
  2. 2nd point
  • 1st bullet
  • 2nd bullet
As Zoho Writer isn't designed purposely for posting to blogs therefore there isn't an option to display codes like performancing extension for firefox.    Also I guess inserting codes for flickr images might be a problem?

However if you use Zoho Writer as your online word editor then it is convenient to just blog text from there.   You may have to login to your blog later to do editing, e.g. adding links

PS: the post title, categories, tags and links were added after the post is published from Zoho Writer

Korea Political Factor - IV

The potential political factors having negative impact on business environment of South Korea

  1. The North Korea government is still tough in Korea unification issue and their nuclear weapons plan that exert an unknown factor in society stability of South Korea. 
  2. Countries like Japan, China and Russia don’t want a unified Korea on their border. Japan doesn’t want an unstable situation, but may fear the economic power of a unified Korea.
  3. The possibility of the sudden collapse of North Korea, although it is not very high possibility now, may cause a chaotic situation that affect the growing economy of South Korea.
  4. The possibility of politicizing business, refer to item 1 in section VI for example, is crucial to affect the healthy development of the business and the confidence of investor.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Posting from w.blogger 4.00

Trying this desktop based blogging tool. I won't know how good this is unless I test out
  1. first point

  2. 2nd point

  • first bullet

  • 2nd bullet

A link to w.blogger

Firefox 2.0 Alpha

I think the workaround detailed here is working, today mem usage of firefox has never exceeded 100Mb, I have the "Windows Task Manager" on the 2nd monitor all day. If you can't wait and don't like to stop using whatever sites/services that may be causing FF to crash then you may want to get into riskier water such as 2.0 alpha release.

I saw this in Techcrunch's post here and this is not even official test version for developer so be ware of starting and stopping all day.

Upgrade to WP2.0.2

Decided to give it a go but not this site. I'll do the upgrade from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 at my other test ground here.

By the way the 2.0.2 download is here the detailed instruction is here.

It is said to be a lot easier as there is no change to the database structure.

PS: It's now done, nice and easy. I have also activated the wp-shortstat plugin recently hacked for 2.0.2 by Pascal. I'll see if all my required plugins are working fine before I upgrade this site to the latest version.

PSS: wp-shortstat appears to be working and I have also upgraded UTW plugin to 3.1 there

Finding the culprit that crashes Firefox

I thought I solved the memory leak problem by following tricks I detailed here in this post.

Last night when I was comparing Goowy and eyeOS the memory useage peaked out of control until I have Goowy's tab closed.

Again this morning I have only netvibes and gmail tabs and memory still went up noticably. I therefore closed netvibes and surprisingly the memory usage came down without crashing FF!

netvibes could be the culprit. I now switched to Alesti, a pretty effective but not as nice looking reader. Well I still have to watch it for a while as it looks like that all ajax driven applications don't work too well with Firefox.

By the way the OPML file generated by Netvibes can't be imported to Alesti so it would be a tedious job if you have lots of subscriptions. I have written to helpdesk of Alesti on this.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

eyeOS vs Goowy

Well eyeOS and Goowy aren't the same in many ways. However I'm sure those tried would naturally compare them.

Goowy uses flash and eyeOS is entirely on javascript. Goowy eats your Firefox memory if you go for "flashy" instead of "lite" at login. With only one single tab it shoot FF up to 130Mb+ after logging into Goowy and back to 50Mb after logged out. eyeOS doesn't give your that problem.

Both of them are very responsive. I vote for eyeOS for eye catching layout designs.

At the moment eyeOS doesn't provide email but I don't think that's essential. Nobody can over take gmail yet. There is an IM client in eyeOS but that's between users of eyeOS only, I suggest they have a look at meebo which is the best. What is very urgent for eyeOS is a RSS reader which I think is a must for every new web office application in order to keep people coming back. Things like online word processor and spreadsheet are not killer applications as these only get you noticed but not keeping users. It's too early yet to give up desktop applications and rely totolly on web services. By the way I would wait until Google has their say on this which won't be too long.

eyeOS has a browser within the eyeOS window which I don't think is necessary. The browser is very primitive and if I want to search and go elsewhere I just click another tab in FF. There isn't anyone using browser which doesn't do tab browsing, is it?

The good idea that I like is eyeOS is opensource meaning that you could download the application and run it as intranet or your own hosted server, i.e. you own your data rather than having someone looking after them. If you install eyeOS as intranet or your hosted server you could also have the pivotlog a blogging engine.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Mac OS and XP

I know this day will come. Now you get two animals in one. Dual boot is now possible in Mac from this news here and I'm sure Apple will officially include this ex-factory pretty soon.

Mac has been something that I want to try as Apple II was my first computer. Since Microsoft has conquered the world it is a bit of a steep learning curve to climb for the Mac OS. After all once in a while at home I have real work to do.

With dual boot on a Intel inside Mac I would play with the Tiger and still deliver work on a single machine. Now bet how much sales boost Apple will get.

Google and Amazon

Last thing to do on this theme is now done, i.e. adding back Adsense and Amazon affiliates ads to the content area. For some reasons the bottom part of the Adsense ads got chopped off. That doesn't matter at all as I'm not earning from these ads.

Another little thing that I have done here is inserting a comma to separate the thousand for "words in all posts" in the Site Stats on the sidebar.

Static first page and login for restricted site

I have been searching for a plugin like this for months. There are few things I wanted to do. Firstly a secured site using the WordPress user authentication (allegedly very safe) for registered users only. Then a static first page using a plugin like this one by Semiologic. Lastly it would be nice to incorporate the default WP login screen into the blog. A static first page will display identify of the site for organisation like school, church and closed community etc.

I used a few times the script by ioerror as described in my early post here. Then I found this Anth Only plugin by Owen Winkler.

At this experimental site I now have a static first page, login is available there instead of the boring WordPress page and the blog isn't viewable until you are logged in. Great plugin that serves 3 needs.

This first page is in fact a login.php file in the theme folder. This file is called instead of the normal index.php file when the plugin is activated and you have that file created. I have also called few functions from plugins showing site statistics and handy links which I expect users to use without logging in.

Korea Political Factor III

The impact of external political factors on business environment of South Korea

1. Relations between the two Koreas also affect the business climate. After the North-South Korean summit was held in June 2000, the range and frequency of inter-Korean contacts increased dramatically for a time. Seven cabinet-level meetings, including a Defense Ministerial, were held. Four reunions of families separated since the Korean War has been held, briefly reuniting several thousand members of divided families. However, key economic projects and agreements have not been implemented, including re-linking the main rail line between South and North, establishing a Special Economic Zone at Kaesong in the DPRK, and opening a land route for southern tourists to the scenic tourist zone of Mt. Kumgang in the North. Presently, there is little official contact between the two governments, but private exchanges continue. Although North Korea continues to maintain and develop its massive military force, military tensions on the peninsula have been reduced since the June 2000 summit.

2. The U.S.-South Korea relationship has continued to grow in breadth and depth after the independence of South Korea in 1948; the two countries are friends, partners and allies. South Korea and the United States today are working together, both in the region and in the rest of the world, to combat international terror and to advance democratisation and human rights.

3. The United States has a strong security relationship with the South Korea and is committed to maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. The United States is obligated under the 1954 U.S.-Korea Mutual Defense Treaty to help Korea defend itself from external aggression. The United States maintains about 37,000 uniformed personnel in the country, commanded by a U.S. four-star general who is also commander of the United Nations Command. U.S. forces include the U.S. Second Infantry Division and air force squadrons.

4. In the past, South Korea served as political pygmy in the pockets of the U.S. in Asia. However, South Korea has repositioned herself as a balancer of security in the region that poses little threat to any of the other countries in the region. A good example is the 'sunshine' policy of cooperation and friendship with North Korea. Also, the distancing of South Korea from the U.S. and its willingness to criticize the policies of its former mentor, has given new credibility with China and North Korea. To better describe the current situation, South Korea is able to act as a mediator between N. Korea and US, Japan & China. This political situation can help South Korea to maintain a good relationship with those countries and her internal society stability. This is very critical for South Korea to develop her economy and improve her business environment. Also, the good relationships between those country help to promote the foreign investment to South Korea.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Korea Political Factors II

The impact of internal political factors on business environment of South Korea

1. President Kim Dae-jung was elected President in December 1997 at the height of the Asian financial crisis. He promised sweeping economic and political reform, transparency in business practices, and further liberalization in trade and investment. Much of that agenda has been implemented, including legislative changes to promote labor flexibility, corporate transparency, and capital market liberalization.

2. In the National Assembly, President Kim initially fashioned a narrow working majority made up of his ruling Millennium Democratic Party and two smaller parties. This coalition, which facilitated the passage of important legislation, eventually dissolved, and the Millennium Democratic Party is now in the minority in the Assembly.

3. Major clashes with labor have been avoided. Labor has, however, criticized the Korean government’s economic reform program, and there has been some labor unrest -- most recently evidenced by strikes by electrical and railroad workers opposed to privatization.

4. Since South Korea is now using a democratic electoral system, the elected president / government must get support from most of the citizens, the capability of the president / government to drive the economy and maintain the society stability are definitely key factors of winning the election. In such a situation, there is strong reason for Roh Moo-hyun (belongs to Uri Party which stress on making South Korea a more prosperous Nation, a society that cares and maintaining peace on the Korea Peninsula) to win the recent election.

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Authorized Only Plugin

Found a very good plugin called Authonly by Owen Winkler. This is something that I have been looking for since I switched to WordPress. The experiment is here. The beauty of it is that you could design a custom login page, e.g. like a typical html home page with login fields. When user is allowed then it takes them directly to your blog without going into the dashboard first. The custom login page is named login.php and should be located in the theme folder. Omitting that file the default wp-login.php is called.

It's best for this plugin to work with another one called Role Manager which allows you to set various rights for your registered users. You could also create new role to suit your particular needs.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Flock - memory leak

It appears that Flock is suffering from the same memory leak problem like Firefox 1.5

I left my Flock running during lunch time with 5 tabs open one including gmail which would from time to time refreshes itself. After lunch Flock was using more than 500Mb then I had to stop it.

Found a way here to control the amount of cache uses by Firefox now having this tried out. I wonder if the same trick applies to Flock as well as the core is the same?

Alternatively you could sacrifice speed by disabling browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers! More details are here.

The official guideline for this is here.

Korea - Political Factors I

I'll be posting our group submission on the topic of Political Factors of Korea. Contributors are Avis, Candy, Ruth, Gary, Eric and myself.

Since the partition of the Korean peninsula in 1945, the political development of the southern part of Korea has followed a democratic-authoritarian cycle, which has produced six republics to date. When American troops entered the southern region after the surrender of Japanese armed forces, Korea was a society with no experience of the institutions and organizations of a representative democracy. The history of the South Korean electoral system goes back to 1948. Since then there has been universal, equal, direct and secret suffrage.

The first step in the process of South Korea’s independence was the decision of the United States Military Government in Korea to establish a separate Korean state south of the thirty-seventh parallel. A draft constitution was elaborated by a parliament (National Assembly) that had been directly elected in May 1948. This National Assembly in turn elected Syngman Rhee (李承晩) to the presidential office.

The Republic of Korea eventually became independent on 15 August 1948. The vast majority of South Korean citizens had no understanding of the system of political representation and democratic institutions. A truly national party system did not exist.

This report will only focus on discussing the impact of the more recent internal and external political factors affecting the business environment of South Korea. For the basic information and facts of the political situation, reader can refer to the attached documents, links and presentations.

Tagging when posting via Flock

Flock blogging interface provides an area for tags. However that's not useful for WordPress users if tagging plugin such as UTW is used. You'll have to double edit your post by logging into your blog normally to get rid of the tags inserted by Flock.

The workaround appears to be using embedded tagging, e.g. [tag]flock[/tag], will be a tag since they are wrapped. Let's see if this works.

PS: it doesn't work that way as you can see a "link to tag" is provided but no tag was inserted into the UTW tag list.

flock photo uploader

This is the flock's new photo uploader interface. You can just drag your photos from desktop to the top bar in flock's window, that is it. You can rotate it, add tag and description, tick if it should be public or private etc. All functions available from the famous flickr desktop application uploadr are there except the upload to a photoset or create a set. I hope that feature is forthcoming.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Flock - Hey I'm here again

Have just installed the latest 0.5.12 now I'm writing this post from within Flock.

The automatic blog detection appears to be problematic, I did manual detection to connect to this blog.    I'm not sure perhaps the prefix "www" is required.

The blogging interface appears to have greatly improved as I could select "source" or "editor", I prefer seeing the codes so I would normally click the tab "source" at the bottom.

Categories available are all shown but double clicking doesn't select anything?  The entry for tags is easy just start typing and end each tag by a comma.

Blue sky, White snow

This is a test post from flickr, float to the left using a class in the CSS of this theme. Photo was taken by Stephen, my classmate, I think in their recent trip to Japan. They are planning another trip again to Japan. This is to demonstrate how to post small photos with text wrapping around it.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Google to buy NZ

With "google to buy nz" in your article you certainly will appear in search results during the last few days.

What's the fuzz about it? It came about when someone published a shot of a whiteboard in the Google Campus' building 43. Is it a strategic map, some funs during coffee break or serious deliberation of corporate development roadmap....(you can use few hundred other description of such thing from management text books)?

Was it a deliberate planned leak, again nobody knows. Can Google "buy up" the down-under? Let's look at some numbers.

NZ has about $4 million people, it's GDP is just under $100 billion (official exchange rate) according to CIA country facts, growth rate estimated is 2.5%, labour force just above 2 million, budget revenue $43.1 billion.

What about Google? Q4 2005 revenue was $1.92 billion from their own site with a market capitalization of $99.75 billion according to Yahoo finance.

Two matching numbers above you can see, i.e. GDP of NZ and market cap of GOOG as a listed company.

Is this a myth of a real move, turn on your creative mind. One thing for sure is that NZ is a nice place to work in, especially the country side, and it's probably good for a corporate headquarter. Isn't that Seattle is the best city in the US to live in and MSFT didn't want to move? If Google lives down there they could probably tweak the law there for some protections.

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Ajaxed WP Themes

Found 2 ajaxed themes. One is called Binary Blue 1.0.1. The other one is Bloxpress.

I have to say both of them are not artistically very pleasing but as Ajaxed theme is the buzzword these days there are still very attractive.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Lush header image

That's a very nice figure at the header image at this blog also using LUSH, how did you do that?

Built another blog

Just finished setting up, minor tweaking of the theme, and a bit of initial content for a blog for my Professor, it's over there.

The blog uses the same LUSH theme as in here, it's good looking, easy to customize and also for the sake of "one stone two birds".

Since I have used LUSH here the author quickly released a version for 1.5.2. Very nice of him but I still prefer not having any menu for themes as the additional codes actually interfere customization. I have in fact removed most of the menu driven codes for clarity.

I have also added a template for links, my and archives for this theme. These things are simply too long to go into sidebar.

After playing with more than 2 dozens of themes I now realize that a good theme design must have a good CSS sheet. Don't agree? A good CSS design gives you clean and neat codes for the theme files therefore making customization easy. That's my opinion anyway.

What left to do on LUSH may be

  • A traditional search box on sidebar and a template for search result, live search don't get what you want all the time and in case some visitors are not used to it yet

  • may be a 404 template, when no search results return currently I see a blank page

WP2.0.2 (download here) just released allegedly for security fixes. I'm still on 1.5.2 here a bit hesitated to upgrade until I hear no adverse comments.

Test on Trackback

Just to test trackback.

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Lush Theme

Activated the very good looking Lush theme here.

There are couple of things that don't work in WP1.5.2 which are

  • There is no menu within dashboard for Lush theme

  • The tag display on the sidebar has to be manually coded in

  • There are few pages that I used to have can't be shown, I'll need to build few templates for them such as Links and Archives etc

  • Extended Live Archive doesn't work on this theme, perhaps I don't need it as I have Live search

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006


My apology to Blogbeat as I said there were not responsive in my last post.

They rolled out new face yesterday so they must have worked flat out hence the long round trip of their tracking scripts. Now I have put the script back on at the footer. See their new menu and graphical display below. I'll use them until they start charging me.


Blogging for Business

TechCrunch also featured this news HERE which I read about in Yahoo News and wrote a few lines yesterday.

PS: Blogbeat was dead yesterday it took forever to complete the scripts in the footer therefore it has been taken off from this site/theme. I don't feel it too impressive anyway.

Test of trackback

This is to test out the trackback of a new theme being tweaked at Office Papierlos.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Blogging is for Business

Blogging entered the enterprise world only a fair while ago. The buzzword is groups communities and making contact with users customers and collecting feed backs. With Internet and blogging every individual is like a publisher now. The beauty of community virtually formed by what blogs/website you read via RSS feeds is also helping to spread opinions, i.e. you read 10~20 blogs using news aggregator/RSS feeds on your browsers then you pick something interesting and write about it. You are again a part of 20 other communities with 20 people subscribed to your blogs who may find what you wrote interesting and agreeable (then also write about it in their blogs) or debatable. This is like surface waves propagate when pebbles scattered in a pond.

Without broadband and popularization of RSS/Atom by blogging blogs wouldn't spread at the speed of light in 2005.

This Yahoo news talk about big fella like Ford and Procter and Gamble using Six Apart's blog platform linking Oracle databases backend.

Blogs under CUHK

I have done a Google site search, i.e. and found below interesting blogs.

A blog by Benjamin Ng Associate Professor of Department of Japanese Studies. His html webpage is here. His blog is powered by Bo-Blog.

Another one is by a student with the blog named Disney Hunter 獵’奇’行動. There is nothing about the author and I wonder if this runs from CU's server. This one is WordPress powered.

This one is also by a student in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management. This blog is powered by pyblosxom.

This blog keeps all column articles posted on Mingpao every Friday by the author Roger Cheng. This is powered by serendipity. I hope I have not mistaken that Roger Cheng with this Roger Cheng?!

This site by Terence Wong looks like a blog but in fact it's done in traditional html. He apparently is a CU alumni. The design of the site is very good looking indeed. There is also a link to his blogger site HERE.

Amazing Internet

I wrote a page here yesterday listing out my search results on how and what Universities around the World are doing catching up the wave of blogging.

I have listed a blog built by Oregon State University, this morning I have the Associate Director of Admissions calling in (credit to either technorati tags, feedburner feeds or Google/Yahoo search) saying that they have built their blog on WordPress (it could have been my oversight!). If we go back say 10~15 years how could we be corrected/updated so quickly? If I were researching on a topic, say on how people do certain things, I would have published a book wait until it get purchased and read by whoever who cares about what I have said then a letter via surface mail would be posted. By the time I read he/her comments the truth wouldn't matter any more.

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

University Blog

To prove my point I have done a Google search on blogs hosted by universities around the world. The result is quite interesting and I'll be putting my findings are HEREon a page for future updating instead of in a post.

I will also do a search for a complete list of blogging platform/engines/software now available and that will also go to a is now here in this page instead of a post.

PS: I will add a short description for each one of them later.

New Site Registered

Pleased to have green light from Professor to set up a blog for him. His existing website at the University is simply too outdated and lousy.

As a matter of Record, these are the events

  • Registration on 3 March around 11:14pm

  • Made online payment at around 11:24pm

  • Received email confirmation that domain name is ready for us on 4 March 12:50pm

  • Made online changes to dns addresses, got email confirmation on Mar 6, 2006 9:45 AM. Too bad that change will only be effective on 9 March

  • Received email receipt for payment on Mar 7, 2006 12:46 AM

  • Received email Mar 9, 2006 12:48 AM that changing of dns servers made effective

  • Tested the domain name using got Score F, perhaps it's still early

Until now the name is still not ready for use as I have checked DNSstuff therefore have writen to hkdnr and Site5 support to find out why. My last experience of getting a ".hk" domain name was about 36 hours to get the name propagated in name servers!

PS: I know what I have done wrong now. I have entered the Site5 name server address prefixed with "www" which is wrong. I have now corrected it at hkdnr but that may take a while to be effective.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Maxthon is out for now

It doesn't support meebo and netvibes therefore it's out.

I think I'll stay with Opera and Firefox but have to research a bit about issues with Firefox on memory leak. It isn't comfortable at all to restart Firefox every now and then.

Any suggestions anyone?

Thursday, March 2, 2006


Just downloaded Maxthon browser which is said to be very popular except in the US. It has been downloaded for more than 50 million times.

My first impression is that it's pretty light weight compared to Firefox which is giving me some problems recently due to memory leak and occasional crashes.

My Logahead blog

It's working now HERE at last. Obviously certains files are in binary therefore upload of files must NOT be in ASCII mode.

It's too early to say if this is going to be hot and hit but it's nice to see someone as young as 17 is rocking "the boat".

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Logahead Blog

Installed Logahead at last here after sorting out file uploading issue by ftp client, see screenshot below.

Too bad it didn't quite work as there appears to be a javascript problem used to detect the browser. It doesn't support Opera yet by the way and Logahead site also doesn't display correctly in IE7 beta. However I have no problem playing around with the demo here?


ftp access

My ftp access problem is now solved, after nearly 16 hours and more than 20 email exchanges.

Don't know exactly what caused the problem I have yet to understand it but I was told that it's about external firewall issue at the hosting.

I have been using FileZilla for a long time but now being introduced SmartFtp something I need to get use to especially the user interface.

PS: they said it was a brute Force login attack against the SSHd service which had caused a huge number of process to persist.

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