Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Blogging is for Business

Blogging entered the enterprise world only a fair while ago. The buzzword is groups communities and making contact with users customers and collecting feed backs. With Internet and blogging every individual is like a publisher now. The beauty of community virtually formed by what blogs/website you read via RSS feeds is also helping to spread opinions, i.e. you read 10~20 blogs using news aggregator/RSS feeds on your browsers then you pick something interesting and write about it. You are again a part of 20 other communities with 20 people subscribed to your blogs who may find what you wrote interesting and agreeable (then also write about it in their blogs) or debatable. This is like surface waves propagate when pebbles scattered in a pond.

Without broadband and popularization of RSS/Atom by blogging blogs wouldn't spread at the speed of light in 2005.

This Yahoo news talk about big fella like Ford and Procter and Gamble using Six Apart's blog platform linking Oracle databases backend.

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