Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Blogs under CUHK

I have done a Google site search, i.e. site:cuhk.edu.hk and found below interesting blogs.

A blog by Benjamin Ng Associate Professor of Department of Japanese Studies. His html webpage is here. His blog is powered by Bo-Blog.

Another one is by a student with the blog named Disney Hunter 獵’奇’行動. There is nothing about the author and I wonder if this runs from CU's server. This one is WordPress powered.

This one is also by a student in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management. This blog is powered by pyblosxom.

This blog keeps all column articles posted on Mingpao every Friday by the author Roger Cheng. This is powered by serendipity. I hope I have not mistaken that Roger Cheng with this Roger Cheng?!

This site by Terence Wong looks like a blog but in fact it's done in traditional html. He apparently is a CU alumni. The design of the site is very good looking indeed. There is also a link to his blogger site HERE.

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