Thursday, March 23, 2006

Building webapplications for dummies like me

Further to my post here, I wrote to Zoho Creator to further explain what I was expecting.   I said
Yes, I'm thinking of an webapplication with database at the backend.   I guess it's possible for zoho to provide a simple database structure then allow users to add fields, change field names, data structure and step by step procedures to build queries etc.    Isn't it the whole idea, i.e. allow users to builld application without learning to code?
They came back to me and said
Yes you are right. We are actually doing that.  Currently we do not allow users to change datatype(field type). We will be doing that soon. Other than that you can add fields, modify field names, you can connect two different Forms by importing a field in one Form as a PickList in other Form.

Our goal is to allow the end users to build WebApplication without worrying about Database, Queries and code.  A ZohoCreator User will get to work with only the Forms and Views which is what the end users actually see. We are trying to achieve a WYSIWYG development of WebApplication.

But then when an user wants to build a full fledged application he/she has to write some actions/application logic. For that we are working on a Scripting language. We are working on the scripting part which we plan to integrate soon.
Isn't it wonderful? Zoho is probably the first working on this goal.

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  1. Hi,

    As promised we have made the beginning. We have integrated the Scripting support in Its named Deluge. Please visit to try out the latest features.

    The help link at the top of of the ZohoCreator website will get you started with Deluge Scripting. Deluge is in its preliminary stage. Its being improved progressively based on the feedback from ZohoCreator both internal and external. We appreciate your feedback too.

    In addition to that we have made lot of feature updates to ZohoCreator such as

    1. Import/Export Data.
    2. Modify Field type.
    3. Create application from Excel Sheet.
    4. Create application from Deluge script.
    5. RSS/JSON feeds.
    6. Sophisticated Views with Filters, Sorting, Paging.
    7. Different types of View(Table, Calendar, Summary).
    8. Embed Forms and Views in your external website

    The details on the latest updates in ZohoCreator can be found at

    Please share your thoughts on ZohoCreator especially on its new features and the Deluge scripting.