Friday, March 10, 2006

Built another blog

Just finished setting up, minor tweaking of the theme, and a bit of initial content for a blog for my Professor, it's over there.

The blog uses the same LUSH theme as in here, it's good looking, easy to customize and also for the sake of "one stone two birds".

Since I have used LUSH here the author quickly released a version for 1.5.2. Very nice of him but I still prefer not having any menu for themes as the additional codes actually interfere customization. I have in fact removed most of the menu driven codes for clarity.

I have also added a template for links, my and archives for this theme. These things are simply too long to go into sidebar.

After playing with more than 2 dozens of themes I now realize that a good theme design must have a good CSS sheet. Don't agree? A good CSS design gives you clean and neat codes for the theme files therefore making customization easy. That's my opinion anyway.

What left to do on LUSH may be

  • A traditional search box on sidebar and a template for search result, live search don't get what you want all the time and in case some visitors are not used to it yet

  • may be a 404 template, when no search results return currently I see a blank page

WP2.0.2 (download here) just released allegedly for security fixes. I'm still on 1.5.2 here a bit hesitated to upgrade until I hear no adverse comments.

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