Sunday, March 19, 2006

eyeOS vs Goowy

Well eyeOS and Goowy aren't the same in many ways. However I'm sure those tried would naturally compare them.

Goowy uses flash and eyeOS is entirely on javascript. Goowy eats your Firefox memory if you go for "flashy" instead of "lite" at login. With only one single tab it shoot FF up to 130Mb+ after logging into Goowy and back to 50Mb after logged out. eyeOS doesn't give your that problem.

Both of them are very responsive. I vote for eyeOS for eye catching layout designs.

At the moment eyeOS doesn't provide email but I don't think that's essential. Nobody can over take gmail yet. There is an IM client in eyeOS but that's between users of eyeOS only, I suggest they have a look at meebo which is the best. What is very urgent for eyeOS is a RSS reader which I think is a must for every new web office application in order to keep people coming back. Things like online word processor and spreadsheet are not killer applications as these only get you noticed but not keeping users. It's too early yet to give up desktop applications and rely totolly on web services. By the way I would wait until Google has their say on this which won't be too long.

eyeOS has a browser within the eyeOS window which I don't think is necessary. The browser is very primitive and if I want to search and go elsewhere I just click another tab in FF. There isn't anyone using browser which doesn't do tab browsing, is it?

The good idea that I like is eyeOS is opensource meaning that you could download the application and run it as intranet or your own hosted server, i.e. you own your data rather than having someone looking after them. If you install eyeOS as intranet or your hosted server you could also have the pivotlog a blogging engine.

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  1. I, this is Eduardo, from eyeOS, thanks for your commentary.
    We are working hard on a IM application, maybe a port from an existing one, and the RSS reader is almost finished .....
    But there is so much time on a day .... :)

    Cheers :)