Wednesday, March 1, 2006

ftp access

My ftp access problem is now solved, after nearly 16 hours and more than 20 email exchanges.

Don't know exactly what caused the problem I have yet to understand it but I was told that it's about external firewall issue at the hosting.

I have been using FileZilla for a long time but now being introduced SmartFtp something I need to get use to especially the user interface.

PS: they said it was a brute Force login attack against the SSHd service which had caused a huge number of process to persist.

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  1. [...] I don’t feel the lack of speed or reliability problem until recently.    I wrote about the ftp access problem here the answer given was a brute force login attack against the SSHd service.    The httpd service of my server was crashed on 16 March and had to be restarted, an outage of 30 minutes.    Site loading is extremely slow during last 2 weeks and it’s really frustracted watching deterioation of performance. [...]