Saturday, March 11, 2006

Google to buy NZ

With "google to buy nz" in your article you certainly will appear in search results during the last few days.

What's the fuzz about it? It came about when someone published a shot of a whiteboard in the Google Campus' building 43. Is it a strategic map, some funs during coffee break or serious deliberation of corporate development roadmap....(you can use few hundred other description of such thing from management text books)?

Was it a deliberate planned leak, again nobody knows. Can Google "buy up" the down-under? Let's look at some numbers.

NZ has about $4 million people, it's GDP is just under $100 billion (official exchange rate) according to CIA country facts, growth rate estimated is 2.5%, labour force just above 2 million, budget revenue $43.1 billion.

What about Google? Q4 2005 revenue was $1.92 billion from their own site with a market capitalization of $99.75 billion according to Yahoo finance.

Two matching numbers above you can see, i.e. GDP of NZ and market cap of GOOG as a listed company.

Is this a myth of a real move, turn on your creative mind. One thing for sure is that NZ is a nice place to work in, especially the country side, and it's probably good for a corporate headquarter. Isn't that Seattle is the best city in the US to live in and MSFT didn't want to move? If Google lives down there they could probably tweak the law there for some protections.

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