Thursday, March 23, 2006


Just read Adam Greenfield's long post in his blog.    I subscribed to all blogs by people at Site5 just to keep pace with what they do.   Adam was responding to a blog post by a customer here by Nick Lewis.    Something Nick said that I also experienced.    Let me start from the beginning, that was 22 September last year.

When I first signed up I have email letting me know everything is fine and I could start using my account.   Then billing department also emailed me information about my account.    Then I was confused with different username, login name and different passwords given.    Further complication is this so  called "stored password" which I still don't know exactly what it's for and have never used.

About passport which Nick was concerned about, I'm OK with that.   I created passport to let my elder brother to test-drive Site5 which is convenient.   You could even share your account with someone else with that.    Well my elder brother later still decided to use bluehost instead due to lack of speed of Site5.

I don't feel the lack of speed or reliability problem until recently.    I wrote about the ftp access problem here the answer given was a brute force login attack against the SSHd service.    The httpd service of my server was crashed on 16 March and had to be restarted, an outage of 30 minutes.    Site loading is extremely slow during last 2 weeks and it's really frustracted watching deterioation of performance.

Is Site5 having too many new projects which is affecting performance and reliability.

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