Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Test run of ecto

This is another desktop blogging software I found. This isn't free I have 20 days more to test this.

This looks slightly better than the last one I tested, details in this post.

I could build custom html tags, which are commonly used, such as below "ordered" and "unordered" list

  1. first point

  2. second point

  • bullet one

  • bullet two

Adding link is simple, once you have copied a link into clipboard (ctrl-C), highlight your text and click "insert hyperlink" then it's there!

The good thing about it which is even better than performancing is that tags are added to the right place. The trick is under Options>Tags>Put tags in> you have to select "extended" while default is "body". For those who are using plugin for tags this must be set otherwise tags will be by default inserted into the body of the post.

The only criticism so far is that the user interface can be further improved, e.g. fonts are too small and not adjustable. Also for a few times I clicked a particular post but a new window didn't come out.

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