Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Zohocreator is a great concept it helps you to create application without learning how to code. We are really too busy doing unnecessary things and most of the time flooded by unnecessary information leaving no time to learn new things.

I have just created a public application named papierlos (paperless in German). I have yet to find out if I could add backend database (have emailed support, people at zoho are friendly and helpful). Basically it's a dream that I have for many years to have quick and easy search and retrieval facility for an ocean of document we create in the office.

In the office we have the traditional folder concept, i.e. you identify where a document should go and it goes into a physical location. You make multiple copies sometime such that you could find it in many places but that's sinful these days to kill trees.

In fact you don't need to file anything as long as you stick virtual labels to document, here are the steps.

  • A document controller receives a document, have it scanned, and uploaded to the intranet document server.

  • The head of office checks a location in the intranet from time to time to read incoming document, he'll then identify what's that for and tick label check boxes. Of course authority can be set such that certain staff in the office can create new check boxes (labels).

  • The office head then also put his notes against that incoming document and tick few names of his team for actions, information and circulation etc. That note will then be sent to respective people over internal email.

The document controller can also do the normal routine entering date, sender, document title, document reference, doc type etc in a document for further searching use. With virtual labeling you could narrow down your search and do virtual grouping of documents.

I have done something similar (article in ASP101) few years back using outdated ASP 3.0, can I build the same without learning new things by Zohocreator?

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