Thursday, April 27, 2006

Upgrade to 2.0.2

I have just done the upgrade from 1.5.2 to 2.0.2 everything is fine except that the links template isn't working (now fixed).

One last thing to do is to widen the content area a bit (don't need to as it fits a 500 pixal image) and a bit tweaking on CSS (done) for the sidebar.

PS: also copied back the performancing metrics scripts back to footer.php and Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate scripts to index.php

Shortstat plugin

stat%20file%20sizeDidn't realize that I have 64,332 records for the stats table and the file size is 12.6Mb just for that. The original plugin (you need update by pascal if you are running WP2.0.2) is very nice but it's a bit too consuming of memory. I wonder if that file size may also slow down loading time.

Enterprise Blogging, Sharing Wiki and Web office

A real life example mentioned here in innovation Creators about big corporation moving into enterprise blogging, wiki and transition to web office. Isn't it some of them call this knowledge management of some sort. This example is using Traction which I have also included in my list of blogging platform/engines herein.

RSS reader - Sage

Netvibes has been very nice especially improvements in their recent release I mentioned in this post.

However if your PC/notebook is tight on resources and you like to open many tabs on your firefox then Netvibes is still a bit heavy.

I have justed installed a firefox extension Sage and it looks very stable and promising. The good thing about it is that it doesn't eat your memory until you use it. In terms of speed it's on par with Alesti.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Do you know how to drive?

driving%20gameDo you know how to drive with your fingers? Free your legs and give this a try.

Have a bored day?

Let's play a game, follow this let's Eat and Evolve like what we do during the day.flow%20game

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Friday, April 21, 2006


P1010838I just dragged a photo from the photo browser, added the float left class, let's see how does it look. I still can't figure out how to select my categories from the left hand pane of this editor? After couple of editing this post's timestamp has gone shifted forward by 15 hours hence showing a blank post. The adding of float right class to the photo link didn't work from within Flock also. What you are seeing now is final editing from within admin of WP.

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Feedburner Email subscription

I tested this new service out as I said in this post. Naturally to test it out I subscribed to it myself. Since then nothing happened so I wrote to Feedburner support. I also asked about how can I manage my subscription list. Below is their answer

Our email service currently sends updates around 5am CST, so you should have had email distributed on your behalf this morning, some time after you sent in the original inquiry below.

Also, direct subscription list management is not currently available through the site, but we can send you a copy of your subscription list on demand.

A few people have written about this new service such as Techcrunch and Read/WriteWeb and I got the impression that I could manage subscriber list from my account?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

University Blogging?

I wrote a "short" article about what Universities around the world are doing with blogs and blogging tools. Apparantly a "page" in WordPress doesn't have tags therefore I provide a link here and tag this post.

I have also done a survey, which isn't complete yet, on blogging tools/plaform/engines.

Feedburner Email subscription

Feedburner now offers email subscription service. Feedburner has been very reliable and its services are mostly free. I'm trying this new service out now at this blog.

Traditional blogger would use plugin to provide email subscription.

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Countdown plugin

Activated Owen's countdown on the sidebar. When this version 1.1 is used on WP1.5.2 the dates.txt file may not be editable from within admin. I had to change the link pointing to the plugin folder in the plugin file in order to open the dates.txt file from within admin.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Category Levels Plugins

This is a very nice and simple plugin to protect posts and categories according to individual user level.    I have been using his earlier versions for WP1.5.2 now he has version 0.3.2 for WP prior to 2.0 and new one called Category Access 0.5.0 for WP2.0.    Check them out here.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


P1010789I have been away for 2 days 2 nights in Japan.
Below is the hotel built in 1871 that I stayed for one night in April 2004, my last trip to the same place meeting same group of people, due to overbooked booking at the Shinagawa Prince.


High above in Shinagawa

This is taken from 25th floor of my room.


Saturday, April 8, 2006

Netvibes is back on

Netvibes was very nice until I found that it crashes my Firefox, my last post has more details.

Netvibes has major improvement lately on the UI such as catching up on Pageflakes offering customizable tabs. They call this Netvibes "anise" version, more details on their blog here.

Alesti is very good in many respects but they have some problems lately including server crashes and occasional flashing of display which requires shuting down and restarting.

The new Netvibes is not without problem as I can see memory leak of Firefox is still preventing me from using it. It's OK to view Netvibes in Opera.

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Friday, April 7, 2006

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Stent and Angioplasty

Didn't know these words until recently. I wish I never had to know them.

A stent is a wire mesh tube used to prop open an artery. Angioplasty is the act of putting the stent into an artery. Apparently Stent is pretty expensive. More information from here.

My father just suffered a mild heart attack and will have to put in few stents, he's 83.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Firefox doesn't trust me

I installed WordPress on one of the spare PC in the office network. It's running on WAMP, i.e. Windows XP, Apache, MySql and PHP5. Everything appears to be fine except that links in post doesn't work in Firefox.

When you add link in WordPress you'll be having the site name or IP where the WP is installed as the prefix, i.e. href=IP_of_the_PC/blah/blab/something_else.pdf This is a problem when you want to link to resources elsewhere in the intranet (windows network). The workaround appears to be using href=file:\\ip_of_another_server\blah\blah\something_else.pdf.....!

Firefox doesn't trust automatically resources in intranet and will not allow "file:\\" protocol. The above link works OK under IE but not FF.

There are few things you could do with FF. Found a solution here in Peter's Blog to change the "security.checkloadurl" default setting to false. There is also a suggestion here to include trusted intranet locations in "network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris". I have tried all that but still doesn't work on my FF version

Concluding, I can use any of the below to link to another PC or server in intranet


I'll give up for now and use IE instead for intranet sites.

Sunday, April 2, 2006

WordPress Widgets

I haven't tried this WordPress Widgets yet released by Automattic. By reading the brief discussion I presume it's more or less like the BottomBar of the Hemingway theme.

If my guess is right then I will not like it. I actually like how Hemingway theme does it, i.e. you can build your own "blocks" then pull them or remove them from your bottombar or sidebar. I prefer the freedom of building the blocks I want.

I like the Hemingway theme very much and have spent far amount of time playing with the CSS there at my other site Papierlos.