Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Firefox doesn't trust me

I installed WordPress on one of the spare PC in the office network. It's running on WAMP, i.e. Windows XP, Apache, MySql and PHP5. Everything appears to be fine except that links in post doesn't work in Firefox.

When you add link in WordPress you'll be having the site name or IP where the WP is installed as the prefix, i.e. href=IP_of_the_PC/blah/blab/something_else.pdf This is a problem when you want to link to resources elsewhere in the intranet (windows network). The workaround appears to be using href=file:\\ip_of_another_server\blah\blah\something_else.pdf.....!

Firefox doesn't trust automatically resources in intranet and will not allow "file:\\" protocol. The above link works OK under IE but not FF.

There are few things you could do with FF. Found a solution here in Peter's Blog to change the "security.checkloadurl" default setting to false. There is also a suggestion here to include trusted intranet locations in "network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris". I have tried all that but still doesn't work on my FF version

Concluding, I can use any of the below to link to another PC or server in intranet


I'll give up for now and use IE instead for intranet sites.


  1. Hi,
    I came across your page on google - several months after your post. You may know this by now but this is the solution - and the user.js one works for our intranet.



  2. [...] My last post here about file links on intranet. The comment I got from Pam was actually pointing me to the right direction. I did click the link given but there was no text. [...]

  3. The link still doesn't work, because the smart blogging software replaces the second symbol ' with a typographically proper apostrophe -- even in links :-/

    Here is the URL-encoded link again. If it does not work, type the simple %27 in the URL by yourself.