Sunday, May 28, 2006


Just got trial account free for one month with this innovative dabbledb.

It's fairly easy to learn how to create and add new data to your database. Import of data from, say a column in excel, is easy. I hope in the future it should allow uploading of a spreadsheet for import to the database.dabbledb login

Surprising it is supposed to be a web2.0 product, i.e. I expected lots of AJAX'ish gimmick. You'll be disappointed as many clicks I have done required refreshing but their server is very responsive therefore you won't complaint. Generally it's easy to get started but to make something really useful you'll need at least half an hour. I would suggest they add tutorial or template for users. Generally I think this is up to par or even slightly better than ZohoCreator. Your account looks professional as it appears as subdomain to their site, such as mine here.

dabbledb view

I surely have not spent enough time for a thorough test drive, for more indepth review see TechCrunch's post here and here, don't miss the comments that lots of other "pros" have made there.

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