Friday, May 26, 2006

From Flock

This is a new blogging interface from the latest version of Flock

technorati tags:

Nice to hear from Lloyd again, there are couple of things that I have reported about the latest build of Flock

  • the technorati tag doesn't go into the tag field, it shouldn't be in the body of the post

  • the favorites toolbar button to scroll among collections has gone in this latest version

  • the news import feature is not doing its job, it doesn't like OPML file exported from netvibes

  • the category listing in the blogging tool doesn't really do anything, as far as I can see. May be it does do something but I don't see check boxes?

The good news is that the flickr photo uploading is as good as the flickr's desktop uploadr. It would be perfect if it also provides check boxes for "send to group" as well.

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