Wednesday, May 24, 2006


You want to do something in cyberspace first of all you need to find hosting.

It's the kind of business, I guess, size does matter and economic of scale will drive competitiveness.    In Hong Kong you can hardly find good hosting with prices and services comparable to the US I think, if you think I'm wrong leave your comments here to corrrect me.

I have tried a few in the US since September last year they are DreamHost, Yahoo Webhosting and currently Site5.    My brother is using BlueHost which is also quite good.

E.g. Site5 has around 200,000 customers websites and more than a hundred of servers. Big players in Hong Kong has around 5,000 customers.

I have done a quick collection of what hosting companies are around here.   The list is definitely not exhaustive as some may not have advertised.    I was told that certain hosting runs from a small flat with only a few desktop PCs, believe it or not.

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