Friday, May 26, 2006

Site Statistics, why do I care?

I used to have site stats plugin wp-shortstat activated which enable to see how many visitors I have, where are they from and what have they clicked. I later found out that the stats plugin generated huge amount of records in the database which is not necessary. I turned it off.

I have also subscribed to free service of statcounter where I could put script in my sidebar to show how many unique visitors have been here. Recently that has stopped loading of the page right in the middle of it due to slow response of the statcounter site. Well, why do I care?

I have now moved it to the footer or even have it deleted later on.

This is not a commercial site and I don't really care statistics.


  1. Forgot to mention... the 'log size' for W3Counter is 250 times the size you get from StatCounter (25000 vs 100).

  2. If you liked Shortstat but don't want something installed on your own server, try W3Counter. It should give you the features you wanted and then some. Don't be mislead by the name either, it's no simple counter ;)

  3. I'm a bit addicted to checking my stats. It's neat to see how people found me.

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